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Our Ethos & Values

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as experts in delivering Therapeutic Education, Health & Care solutions for children and young people with complex and additional needs, who have not been able so far to succeed in mainstream education. By creating positive opportunities and removing barriers to learning, we strive to enable our pupils to build on a platform for life-long learning and educational success.

Our mission

We run independent schools and services for exceptional pupils with unique leadership potential. Our highly skilled values have led multidisciplinary teams to positively transform pupils’ perception of their own skills, strengths and abilities. We deliver an industry-leading combination of education, health and care that takes each pupil on an individual journey that promotes a love of learning and long-term success. Our schools are safe, nurturing and inspiring environments which enable pupils to thrive. We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for each pupil by enabling access to outstanding education. We do not exclude pupils. We never give up!

Our Values

British Values

TCES promotes the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and appreciation of those with different faiths and beliefs, or no faiths or beliefs.

Actively promoting the values means challenging opinions or behaviours in school that are contrary to British values. Attempts to promote systems that undermine British values would be completely at odds with the values of the TCES Group.

Our pupils are encouraged to:

  • develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of England
  • accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and to understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely
  • acquire a broad general knowledge of and respect for public institutions and services in England
  • further appreciation and harmony between different cultural traditions by enabling pupils to acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures.
  • encourage respect for all people, including themselves
  • encourage respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes, including respect for the basis on which the law is made and applied in England.