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TCES Create Learning Primary

Create Learning Primary is a specialist service offering a therapeutic learning environment for children aged 7-12. Our pupils face significant challenges which act as a barrier to their learning in a mainstream or alternative provision. A ‘Nurture’, evidence-based approach to education is used at Create Learning Primary to support these younger children.

Pupils arriving at Create Learning Primary have been out of education for a considerable period of time – 15 months on average across all TCES schools – and have often experienced multiple exclusions or ‘managed moves’, resulting in significant gaps in their learning.

60% of our Create Learning Primary pupils receive early help support, child-in-need support or child protection support, through specific statutory plans. Pupils stay with Create Learning Primary until the end of Year 6 or 7 depending on their needs and their ability to access the next stage of education. 

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Pupil profiles

This school supports pupils in Key Stage 2 and into Key Stage 3 (year 7) who are likely to have at least one of the following complex needs: 

  • Experiences of relational / developmental trauma or attachment difficulties
  • Significant challenges and complexity linked specifically to their diagnosed or undiagnosed needs
  • A diagnosed neurodevelopmental condition, for example: Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Sensory processing difficulties 
  • A diagnosed mental health condition, for example Anxiety or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The Nurture Approach 

Create Learning Primary is underpinned by the Six Principles of Nurture: 

  1. Meeting social, emotional, and cognitive needs
  2. Considering how we communicate 
  3. Reflecting on behaviour, developmental needs and our own practice 
  4. Building positive self-esteem and self-identity
  5. Feeling emotionally safe 
  6. Celebrating diversity and inclusion 

Nurture International Partnership 2024

Research proposes that nurture groups are most effective when implemented within a culture of universal nurture. 

TCES has partnered with Nurture International, whose focus is on linking nurture practices throughout learning by using neuroscientific knowledge, attachment theory and sensory integration to enhance teaching and learning.

 Create Learning Primary has been underpinned by the Six Nurture Principles for Learning since opening in 2021, delivering a holistic curriculum to small classes of up to five pupils. Each Teacher is supported by Therapeutic Education Practitioners (TEP), all trained in the holistic Nurture approach. 

This partnership reaffirms Create Learning Primary and its drive to integrate nurture throughout the school to its highest level as an antidote to trauma and unmet needs. 

Benefits of the nurture approach 

A nurturing approach supports better emotional regulation in pupils, improving their cognitive functioning and ability to learn. Pupils begin to understand the importance of positive relationships and how to work and play together cooperatively. As their confidence develops, they learn how to speak in a group and express their ideas and make positive choices. 


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  • TCES Create Learning Primary, 41 Varley Road, London, E16 3NR

  • Telephone: 020 3011 3281




Katrina Medley Executive Headteacher
Ricardo Hylton Headteacher
Sherie Harris Deputy Headteacher
Marcia Field School Business Manager
Thomas Keaney CEO & School Proprietor