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Our History

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  • Where it
    all started!
    November 1999

    Thomas Keaney establishes Transitional Care Ltd

    as a social care company, with just one client (in order to subsidise the new business Thomas worked as a mini-cab driver at night)

  • [TIP_2]
    September 2000

    TC Education Services is launched

    to respond to Local Authority requests to provide one-to-one education packages for excluded and non-attending pupils - These services ran in tandem with Transitional Care’s Social Care packages, which provided residential services to a wide range of young people with significant complex needs

  • [TIP_3]
    September 2002

    The London Education Services are formed

    providing one to one packages of education in the community to a wide range of London and Home County Local Authorities based on a case coordination model

    Services provided include:

    • Assessment programmes
    • Personalised Education programmes
    • Re-integration progs into mainstream
    • Tuition programmes
    • Life and learning skills programmes
  • [TIP_4]
    January 2001 – 2004

    Alternative education group projects start to operate

    following the success of one-to-one provisions. Local Authorities including Barking & Dagenham, Hammersmith and Fulham, Brent, Richmond upon Thames, Hertfordshire and Merton commission TCES to provide alternative education group projects.

    These alternative education projects initially provided emergency support under a variety of circumstances:

    • When PRUs and Special Schools were shut down due to health and safety or Safeguarding issues.
    • When children needed to be taken through their SATS following closure
    • When Year 11’s needed to be supported on the run up to their GCSEs following closure
    • When a large group of pupils were not making any progress and the LA needed a temporary alternative education placement
    • When there was a significant amount of exclusions of EBD (currently SEMH) pupils for whom there was no in-County provision

    These projects were set up to support groups of pupils in difficult circumstances and were ran with a full time broad and balanced curriculum, including vocational options and significant therapeutic support.

  • [TIP_5]
    September 2004

    TCES Group sets up a large alternative education project

    on behalf of Essex CC for 40 BESD (now SEMH) pupils in KS4

  • [TIP_6]
    September 2004

    The 4-part Curriculum is established,

    includingAcademic / Vocational’, ‘Therapeutic’, ‘Engagement’ and ‘Enrichment’. This would later become the 5-part curriculum, in which SEMH and ASC were added as an additional differentiation

  • [TIP_7]
    January 2005

    TCES Group wins a five-year contract with Essex County Council

    to deliver alternative education to 40 BESD (now SEMH) pupils. These services were delivered in Chelmsford and East Outdoors activity camp in Mersea

  • [TIP_8]
    May 2006

    A third alternative education project is set up

     in Copford, Essex following an increase in pupil numbers

  • [TIP_9]
    December 2006

    TCES Group holds their first graduation ceremony

    at Anglian Ruskin University with 20 Y11 pupils graduating. This becomes an annual event across all of our schools

  • [TIP_10]
    8th January 2007

    TCES Group registers the Essex Alternative Education project as its first Independent Special Day School

    across its three sites and it is inspected by Ofsted later that year, receiving a ‘Good with Outstanding features’ rating

  • [TIP_11]
    January 2007

    TCES Group establishes Group Process sessions,

    initially a class-based process

  • [TIP_12]
    June 2008

    The first annual Celebration Day is held,

    where everyone met for a day of outdoor competition and a demonstration of inclusive values

  • [TIP_13]
    September 2008

    School Outreach and Community Outreach Service programmes launch,

     attached to our North West London and Essex Fresh Start schools

  • [TIP_14]
    September 2008

    North West London Independent School opens,

    with Professor Lord Robert Winston formally opening the school in January 2009

  • [TIP_15]
    28th October 2008

    Essex Fresh Start is inspected by Essex County Council

    on behalf of the 34 Local Authorities of the Cross County Regional Arrangements Group (CCRAG) and receives an excellent report

  • [TIP_16]
    December 2008

    TCES Group is formally formed from TC Education Services

    with a new website launching at

  • [TIP_17]
    May 2009

    TCES Group opens its first Education Outreach Service Centre

    in Ilford, East London

  • [TIP_18]
    September 2009

    A third independent day special school opens in East London

    across two sites at Ibex House, Stratford and is inspected by Ofsted in March 2010, receiving a ‘Good’ with one ‘Outstanding Standard’ (Pupil Welfare, Health and Safety) rating

  • [TIP_19]
    September 2009

    The Brent Local Authority commissions TCES Group to deliver alternative education services

     for two years while their Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) is being built

  • [TIP_20]
    November 2009

    TCES Group celebrates its 10th Anniversary

    and holds its first staff party – an event to be looked forward to at the end of Autumn term

  • [TIP_21]
    November 2010

    Essex Fresh Start undergoes an Ofsted inspection,

    deeming four of the five measurable standards to be ‘Outstanding’

  • [TIP_22]
    September 2012

    TCES Group opens their first stand-alone Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) services

    in the Varley Road (Custom House) site

  • [TIP_23]
    March 2013

    Specialist inclusion and clinical services are established, including

    Relationship Mentoring, Whole School Group Process, Pupil Support Meetings and MAPA training.

    “All children in full-time group education or working towards this” becomes one of TCES Group’s company missions

  • [TIP_24]
    June 2013

    TCES Group exhibit at the Autism Show for the first time

  • [TIP_25]
    July 2013

    TCES Group holds its first Inter-School Football Tournament

    at Harlow Town Football Club

  • [TIP_26]
    September 2013

    Essex Fresh Start develop their first Student Council,

    and by the end of the year every TCES Group school has established their own

  • [TIP_27]
    January 2014

    CREATE service launches

    developed to address the needs of pupils who have tried to engage with small group learning but have not succeeded, or pupils returning from (or at risk of entering) out-of-county placements

  • [TIP_28]
    April 2014

    East London School undergoes an Ofsted inspection

    and gains an ‘Outstanding School’ rating

  • [TIP_29]
    September 2014

    Essex Fresh Start undergoes an Ofsted inspection

    and receives a ‘Good’ rating with ‘Outstanding’ standards

  • [TIP_30]
    September 2015

    A new site is refurbished in Witham for Essex Fresh Start

    and is later formally opened by Professor Lord Robert Winston in December

  • [TIP_31]
    September 2015

    First Therapeutic hub opens in Romford

    after a significant refurbishment

  • [TIP_32]
    March 2016

    A new Create Service Therapeutic Hub opens in Barking

    following an extensive refurbishment, and is opened formally by Sir William Atkinson in December

  • [TIP_33]
    Summer Term 2016

    A strong focus on promoting British Values

    is instilled in the schools

  • [TIP_34]

    The first Parent Council is established at

    North West London, giving parents the ability to join in their child’s school community and make a positive change

  • [TIP_35]
    February 2017

    North West London undergoes an Ofsted inspection

    and receives an ‘Outstanding’ rating

  • [TIP_36]
    March 2017

    North West London receives the Inclusion Quality Mark Award,

    with the report stating “every child really does matter”

  • [TIP_37]
    April 2017

    The first Cultural Week is held

    across all TCES Group schools, which then becomes and annual event

  • [TIP_38]
    May 2017

    Plans are made to expand the East London Stratford Marsh location

    into the pre-existing church attached to the school, with the new space being used for a school hall, a sensory room and five extra classrooms

  • [TIP_39]
    June 2017

    Student Council members from East London go on their first residential trip

  • [TIP_40]
    August 2017

    Two North West London pupils receive TCES Group’s highest ever GCSE grades,

    both gaining an A* in Art and Graphics

  • [TIP_41]
    September 2017

    TCES Group establish its LIFE Programme

    (Leadership skills, Independence skills, Financial skills and Employability/Enterprise Skills)

  • [TIP_42]
    December 2017

    His Excellency Justice Anthony Carmona, 5th President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, visits North West London

    on an official visit to London

  • [TIP_43]
    April 2018

    East London Independent School get ready to unveil their new school building

    at Stratford Marsh, with staff moving in before the Summer term begins

  • [TIP_44]
    June 2018

    Dame Esther Rantzen formally opens East London’s new Stratford Marsh location and agrees to become our Patron

  • [TIP_45]
    June 2018

    East London receives the Inclusion Quality Mark award,

    with the report saying “the dedication of the staff means pupils have the best opportunities for inclusion and for success in life”

  • [TIP_46]
    July 2018

    East London School undergoes an Ofsted inspection

    and receives a ‘Good’ rating

  • [TIP_47]
    September 2018

    Micro-sculptor Willard Wigan MBE visits North West London

    encouraging pupils to embrace their learning differences and praising their ‘tidal wave of talent’

  • [TIP_48]
    September 2018

    ‘Leadership week’

    launches as an annual event across all TCES Group schools and services

  • [TIP_49]
    October 2018

    The Alumni Mentor scheme is launched

    to give departing pupils a chance to return as peer mentors, providing support and guidance to current pupils

  • [TIP_50]
    January 2019

    Essex Fresh Start undergoes an Ofsted inspection

    and receives a ‘Good’ rating

  • [TIP_51]
    November 2019

    TCES Group celebrates its 20th Anniversary

    Details of an independent research project by Goldsmiths, University of London titled ‘From Social Isolation to Independence’ are shared with event attendees, including TCES Patron Dame Esther Rantzen. The report highlights that 90% of our pupils continue in further education, employment or training three to five years after graduating. CEO & Schools' Proprietor Thomas Keaney also introduced a new initiative, From Entrants to Employees and made a promise that within three academic years (July 2023) 25% of Teaching Assistants staff would be recruited from TCES ex-pupils through the Alumni Mentors programme

  • [TIP_52]
    December 2019

    North West London undergoes an Ofsted inspection

    and receives an ‘Outstanding’ rating

  • [TIP_53]
    March 2020

    TCES Home Learning is launched

    in response to the growing need for a home-based learning service, in part a response to the coronavirus pandemic. Visit the webpage to find out more

  • [TIP_54]
    November 2020

    First alumni mentor becomes full-time TCES employee

  • [TIP_55]
    April 2021

    TCES Create Learning Primary launches

    to provide Nurture education to neurodiverse pupils aged 7-11.