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Referrals most often come to us from local authorities for children with Social Emotional Mental Health needs or an Autistic Spectrum Condition. However, we also welcome referrals directly from parents and any other stakeholders involved with searching for a school placement for a pupil with these needs

The referral process follows a number of stages after initial review, including home and school visits where appropriate. Our aim is to thoroughly assess the needs of every child referred to us so that we are able to ensure that we find the best education solution.

The child, their parent or carer, and the local authority are all key figures in this process, and a placement will not be made if any of the parties involved do not deem it to be suitable.

We have never permanently excluded a pupil from any of our schools.

Referrals Team

If you would like to discuss the needs of a particular child, or have any questions about the referrals process, please fill in the below form:


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TCES Home Learning

For referrals or information about the TCES Home Learning service, click here.