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Social Enterprise

At TCES, we are proud to be a social enterprise, ensuring that our vision, mission and aims always have the children at the centre of everything we do.

Our Articles of Association state that TCES is a Social Enterprise with a primary social object: to run inclusive, independent schools that offer specialist services for some of the most vulnerable, complex and excluded children and young people in the country. In this aim, and in all complementary business and related activities, we are committed to having a material positive impact on the whole of society.

TCES has a clear social mission in which society profits and has the inclusion of our pupils at the centre. Since inception in 1999, we have never permanently excluded a single pupil. Our future social mission is to employ large numbers of our graduate pupils within our schools and services.

TCES is a Certified Member of Social Enterprise UK, and we fully meet their below requirements:

  • Our business has a clear social mission that is set out in its governing documents
  • We are an independent business and earn all our income through trading
  • We are controlled and owned in the interests of our social mission
  • We reinvest at least half our profits towards our social purpose
  • We are transparent about how we operate and the impact that we have

We demonstrate our social enterprise roots through every aspect of the work we do with exceptional children and young people with neurodiverse identities. Our social mission supports our neurodiverse children who are the most marginalised and therefore furthest from the further education, training and employment market.

This is the TCES Way where intentions and actions merge, and we live our social enterprise values.