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Examinations across our TCES schools and service 2022/23

This year, the UK has returned fully to pre-covid, more stringent examination processes and many schools across the UK have seen an impact on their results when compared to recent years. Despite this, at TCES we have had some very positive results. 

The Gaps

The learning journey for our older pupils often begins in Key Stage 4 in both TCES East London and TCES North West London schools and our Create in the Community (CiC) service. A significant percentage of our school pupils and an even higher percentage of Create in the Community pupils, start with us late in their two-year GCSE programme, putting them at further disadvantage and having to play catch up with their mainstream peers, despite already having a SEND gap, from mainstream peers. Pupils at our two schools and our Create service have on average experienced three prior exclusions or managed moves and have been out of full-time group education for an average of 15 months. They already have very significant gaps and often arrive after the disruption of exclusion and from no education or from part-time education.  

Our Pupil Cohort

Pupils come to TCES with an EHCP and a wide range of learning abilities and differences. The range spans those pupils who can achieve GCSE and A Level qualifications to those who will need significant and potentially life-long support beyond TCES.  

Our Offer

In view of their learning gaps, we provide a wide range of opportunities for all our pupils to gain qualifications in A Levels, GCSEs, BTEC Level 1 and 2, Functional Skills Levels 1, 2 and Entry-Level, English-Speaking Board, Sports Leadership Awards, AQAs, Asdan, Arts Awards, Princes Trust, LIFE, and peer mentoring qualifications.  There are also lots of opportunities for our pupils in the world of work.  

Our Promise

We demonstrate high expectations for our pupils as well as levelling the playing field for them and offer them the equal opportunities given to every mainstream pupil. We want to ensure that new pupils are given time to work at their pace - to engage and stabilise into learning and be able to follow a full two-year GCSE programme irrespective of which year they start their TCES placement, between year 10 and year 13. This ensures that pupils who achieve Foundation levels (Grades1 to 3) at the end of the first year of their two-year GCSE programme, will be on the journey to passing their GCSEs and are celebrated for the success they have already achieved along the way. 

Highlights From TCES North West London 

We have had a wonderful overall result this year and we could not be prouder of our incredible young people! 

  • 100% of pupils entered gained at least one qualification 
  • 69% of pupils who were entered for a GCSE received a qualification at Grade 4 or above 
  • Double the number of pupils achieved a standard pass in GCSE Maths and English when compared to last year’s results 
  • Four pupils achieved GCSE English Language Grade 4 and above, with one pupil achieving a Grade 5 
  • 80% of pupils entered achieved Grade 4 for GCSE Maths 
  • Eleven pupils passed Functional Skills English Level 1 
  • Four pupils passed Functional Skills Maths Level 1 
  • Three pupils passed Functional Skills Maths Level 2 
  • Three pupils achieved Grade 4 and above in Science GCSE 
  • Three pupils achieved Grades 4 and above in PE GCSE short course, with one pupil achieving Grade 6 
  • Four pupils obtained an AQA Level 1 in Art and Design, and one pupil achieved a grade 4 in BTEC Art Graphic Communication 
  • New exams to NWL: 
  • Our first GCSE English Literature the pupil achieved Grade 6  
  • Our two Spanish learners achieved Grade 5’s in their GCSE  
  • Four pupils achieved Music AQA awards  
  • This is also the first year we have offered BTEC Art and Design and we have had some outstanding results- four students successfully achieved a BTEC L2 in Art and Design Skills- (a vocational course equivalent to 1.5 GCSE). Two of those students achieved a Merit and two received a Distinction.  

Highlights From TCES East London  

We are so impressed with the hard work and resilience these young people have shown this year, and there have been some very positive outcomes! 

  • 92% pupils entered for GCSEs have achieved qualifications 
  • 22/24 pupils entered for qualifications achieved them 
  • Ten pupils overall achieved Maths Entry Level 3- including three of our year 9’s 
  • Three of our pupils achieved Maths Level 1 pass 
  • Three of our pupils achieved Maths Level 2 pass 
  • One pupil achieved a Grade 1 in GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art) 
  • Two pupils achieved a Grade 2 in GCSE combined Science 
  • Seven pupils out of nine entered achieved a level 1 in Home Cooking 

Highlights From Create in the Community  

We have seen some amazing results from this wide-ranging cohort of courageous young people! 

  • 73% of pupils entered achieved GCSE qualifications 
  • 100% of pupils who were entered, sixteen in total, achieved Functional Skills qualifications  
  • We had an outstanding result for one year 11 pupil who achieved grade 7 in English Language GCSE 
  • Another fantastic achievement from one of our pupil’s was a grade 6 in GCSE Religious Education 
  • One pupil achieved GCSE Biology foundation Grade 4 
  • One pupil achieved GCSE Maths Higher Tier Grade 4 

Highlights From TCES National Online School 

Three students from TCES National Online School sat GCSE examinations in Summer 2023. These young people have had an opportunity to truly shine, and we are delighted with their results! 

  • All students entered gained a qualification 
  • We had two impressive results in English GCSE at Grade 7- in Language and Literature 
  • One student achieved GCSE Maths Grade 5 
  • Another student achieved GCSE Maths higher tier at grade 4 
  • One student achieved GCSE Biology foundation at grade 5 
  • One student achieved Combined Science GCSE Grades 8 and 8 

We are immensely proud of the ‘high expectations’ by our staff and of the ‘hard work’ of our pupils, in line with our community values. These results do not define the amazing young leaders that they are becoming but it provides our pupils with the opportunity to develop academic identities and succeed in moving onto education, employment or training, to further develop their skills.