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goldsmiths, university of london

This research is strong evidence that when that threat of exclusion is removed you create the space for the trust, attachment and sense of identity that these young people need to open up and make significant progress educationally, emotionally and socially. The attitude of never giving up cascades into the student experience.

caroline frizell (goldsmiths, university of london)

An independent research study by Goldsmiths University of London has found that TCES – a family-owned group of Local Authority-funded special schools and services whose policy is never to permanently exclude – has transformed the life chances of its students who are among the top 5% of the most complex and vulnerable children and young people in the UK.

Yeah, they don’t give up….You could tell them a thousand times to basically go away, and they will still stand there.  It doesn’t matter what you say or do.  I don’t know how they put up with it..I mean, to be able to still stand there and be like, “No, I’m not giving up on you pupils.”  You’ve got to genuinely care … to take that sort of thing every single day of the week.. You’ve got to be passionate and you need to care to be able to do that 100%.

study participant and ex-tces pupil

Goldsmiths’ findings, as evidenced through TCES Group graduates’ own words, were presented across a number of key themes which, taken together, provide a powerful blueprint of school practice to avoid the need to permanently exclude.