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international womens' day

Promoting women empowerment, supporting and inspiring others to be better role models 

On Friday 8th March, TCES North West London celebrated International, spending a morning session at the Therapy Hub with an inclusive and creative session. The combination of creative activities like making bracelets and painting flowerpots, along with the empowering music and delicious refreshments, likely provided a nurturing and enjoyable environment for everyone involved. 

The campaign theme of 'Inspire Inclusion' is beautifully reflected in the choice of colours - purple for justice and loyalty, green for hope, and white for purity. The intention here is to embrace the idea of purity in terms of intentions and striving for fairness and inclusivity. The collaborative efforts of both staff and pupils, whether through crafting or baking and demonstrating a sense of community and teamwork. 

It's also great to see the involvement of our TCES North West London school Drama therapist, Vicky Hickling and Assistant therapist Maria-Louiza Matakia, indicating a holistic approach to well-being and expression. Another highlight was the banoffee pie! The delicacy was made by a pupil and was shared amongst staff and peers. As pupils and staff created and designed accessories, they shared and ate a delicious treat. 

Overall, it was a fantastic session that fostered creativity, connection, and a sense of belonging amongst the participants. In addition, it illustrates our commitment to women empowerment, encouragement, and diversity. 

Pupils shared emotive quotes about their key influential figure:

Pupil 1: “It would be my mum. She’s smart and independent."

Pupil 2: “My teacher, Miss Dianni. She is very supportive.”

Pupil 3: “My mum. She gives me ongoing support. She’s brave, confident, and always stands up for herself.”

Pupil 4: "My grandmother got me into cross-stitching. She always encourages me to do things and turn my passions into talent.”