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Tces celebrates long-service staff awards

Honouring Dedication: TCES Celebrates Long-Standing Staff Awards

At TCES, we take pride in our dedicated team whose commitment has been the driving force behind our successful students. Today, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our long-standing staff members, whose years of service have significantly contributed to the growth and prosperity of over 3000 students TCES has supported over the last 24 years. 

We recently gathered to celebrate and recognise the contributions of these outstanding individuals. Their passion, expertise, and tireless efforts have played a pivotal role in shaping the culture and success of TCES.

Thomas Keaney, in expressing his gratitude, emphasised the importance of a strong and dedicated team in supporting our exceptional neurodiverse students to achieve their potential. He acknowledged the wealth of experience and knowledge that our long-standing staff bring to the table, creating a foundation for continued innovation and excellence. 


We extend our sincere thanks to our long-standing staff and express our anticipation for the bright future that lies ahead as we continue this journey together.

Roxy Brown – 13 years

Corinne Hyman – 13 years

Anna French-Walker – 11 years

Rosemary Temeu  – 11 years

Hyacinth Lawson – 10 years

Elaine Renker – 10 years

Karen Samuel – 10 years

Eric Burnett – 9 years

Aasim Ahmed – 8 years

Joan Ferdinand – 8 years

Ruby Regan – 8 years

Leona Talian – 8 years