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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapists provide life-changing treatment, support and care for children who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing. They support people who have physical or psychological reasons for finding communication difficult.

coming back to school

Coming Back to School

As you're coming back to school soon, the therapy team have put together some 'social stories' for you. If you are feeling anxious about coming back to school, have a look at these

There's lots more below to have a look at - print them out and use them as needed. If you have an issue that you can't find anything about below, speak to your Teacher or your school or service's Speech and Language Therapist, and they'll help you make one!


games to play at home

Games to Play at Home:

These games will help your language and social skills! See if your parent/carer or a sibling will join in:

Describe it

One person draws a simple picture and has to use their language skills to describe to the other person/people how to draw the picture- for example draw a small circle in the middle of the page etc.

Stop the bus!

A letter of the alphabet is chosen and four topics are selected (food, animal, clothing, place) each person then has to fill each category with a word beginning with the selected letter, the first person to finish shouts ‘stop the bus!’ and all players have to stop writing.

Alphabet game

Players take it in turns to name an item from a selected topic (i.e food and drink) beginning with each letter of the alphabet. For example player one might say Apple, player two Banana, player three Carrot. Topics could include; animals, transport, football, places, games, names etc.

Don’t say it!

The player thinks of a word and others must guess the word asking yes/no questions.

Head bands

Each person has a word written on a sticky note on their head, they must guess their own word asking questions regarding, function, shape, size category etc.

Create a story

Each person takes it in turns to add a part to a story for example player one might say ‘one day a girl…’ and player two may add ‘who was late for school..’ etc. this will help develop the ability to create a narrative as well as take turns and make informed predictions about what might happen next.

I went to the shops…

This game requires the players to complete the sentence “I went to the shops and I bought a….” each player adds an item onto the list while recalling the previous player’s items; the loser is the person who misses an item off. For example the end sentence may be “I went to the shops and I bought a chocolate bar, an egg, some shampoo and an apple”. The sentence can be altered to create a different story such as “I went to the beach and I saw...” the items listed should however be relevant to the sentence starter.



Download our Coronavirus social story to practise your Makaton.