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Applicant Information

Thank you for your interest in working with The Complete Education Solution!

Below you will find applicant information packs, including job descriptions and person specifications, for some of our permanent roles within our schools and services.

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Supporting pupils

Our pupils require supportive, nurturing support staff who put the pupil at the centre of everything we do at TCES. Depending on the role you may be supporting pupils in a school or out in the community, on a one to one basis, within a class, or linking our service with home.

teaching assistant

Our Teaching Assistants (TAs) work in our independent schools, TCES East London and TCES North West London. TAs support our children and young people make academic, emotional and social improvements, delivering interventions and supporting class teachers to deliver differentiated lessons related to pupils' Education, Health and Care plans.

therapeutic education practitioner (TEP)

Therapeutic Education Practitioners work within our Create Learning service and support the delivery of therapeutic education to neurodiverse pupils with complex needs. TEPs look at our pupils holistically and carry out direct educational work within the Create service or out in community settings. They support pupils in self-development, encouraging them to take on responsibility and develop resilience.

Pastoral Care coordinator

Pastoral Care Coordinators are unique roles to TCES schools and services. They are responsible for the day-to-day delivery of the Inclusion Model, facilitating a cohesive, nurturing and productive learning environment for all pupils. They link our families, schools and services, ensuring a good line of communication between all partner agencies and parents/carers.

family support worker

Our Family Support Workers work intensively with our TCES Create Learning pupils and their families to enable positive change, improving educational and wellbeing outcomes for young people with the most complex cases.

Therapeutic Integration Practitioner (TIP)

Therapeutic Integration Practitioners work within our Create Learning service, implementing all integration plans and ensuring that our young people can thrive and reach their full potential from isolation to independence through the delivery of a joined-up child-focused programme of interventions based on our Big Picture Curriculum.


Please register your interest through the TCES Talent Pool page to be alerted of new roles supporting our pupils.

teaching & Learning

Teachers across TCES deliver subject specific learning to all pupils within their school and service. Pupils take subject options as part of our Big Picture Curriculum offer, working towards accreditations. Our School Support Team work alongside all our staff to deliver quality teaching & learning for all our pupils.


Our schools work to a secondary hybrid model, where teachers take the lead with a specific class, but teach their own subject to multiple classes. Our teachers differentiate learning to each individual's own needs, providing engaging and challenging learning opportunities, whilst working with our clinical and inclusion teams to ensure that barriers to learning removed.

primary nurture teacher

Within the TCES Create Learning Primary service, our primary qualified teachers ensure that the learning environment is nurturing with the 6 Principles of Nurture at its heart. Teachers devise high quality schematic learning with a nurturing approach.

maths lead teacher

In Create Learning our subject teachers lead on the planning of schemes of work, delivering effective teaching & learning in their subject and providing support to other non-specialist educators.

science lead teacher

In Create Learning our subject teachers lead on the planning of schemes of work, delivering effective teaching & learning in their subject and providing support to other non-specialist educators.


Please register your interest through the vacancies page to be alerted of new teaching and learning roles.

senior leadership

Our Senior Leaders lead by example, modelling to our pupils and staff, and work with other leaders from each school, service and Central Services to deliver a positive learning and working environment in line with our vision and community values.


Our Headteachers lead the day-to-day management of our schools, providing strategic leadership and ensuring the successful running of the school in line with The TCES Way.

deputy headteacher

Our Deputy Headteachers are responsible for ensuring our teaching & learning is of high quality and our pupils make sustained progress in our schools and services. Furthermore, they support the Headteacher in the operational management of their school/service.

Special educational needs coordinator (SENCO)

Our schools and services has their own SENCo so that each site's special educational needs provision is delivered effectively, ensuring that resources are in place and appropriate interventions are delivered as identified on pupils' Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

Senior Social Worker & Designated Safeguarding Lead

TCES lead the way in incorporating social workers into the day to day working of our schools and services. Our social workers carry out direct work with our pupils and their families and carers, coordinating multi-agency liaisons and assessments. They are the Designated Safeguarding Lead for their school or service and lead on delivery of the TCES Family and Schools working Together (FAST) programme.


Please register your interest through the vacancies page to be alerted of new leadership roles.


Our clinical and therapy team deliver pupil centric therapeutic interventions focusing on sensory deprivation, speech & language, & creative arts psychotherapy. TCES is proud of our promotion of therapeutic education and create a culture in all of our schools and services where all staff are involved in delivering a nurturing and therapeutic environment.

Assistant therapist

This is a brand new role in our schools and services. As our therapeutic provision and practice continues to grow we are keen to employ and train individuals who are pursuing a future career in paediatric therapy.


Please register your interest through the vacancies page to be alerted of new Therapy roles.


An important part of our provision is the facilities used by our schools and services, pupils and staff. Our facilities teams work hard to deliver an environment where pupils can feel safe and secure, and get the most out of their day at TCES.

facilities coordinator

The Facilities Coordinator supports the School Business Manager in the care and upkeep of school buildings and grounds, carrying out minor repairs, keeping up to date with statutory facilities checks and championing health and safety on-site.


The Caretaker carries out duties to maintain the upkeep of the school buildings and grounds, carrying out minor repairs and undertaking regular statutory checks in line with school Health & Safety regulations.


Please register your interest through the vacancies page to be alerted of new facilities, catering and administration roles.

Home Learning

The TCES Home Learning Service engages with, nurtures and supports the complex needs of a variety of young vulnerable people not in mainstream education. In the short-term TCES Home Learning supports and delivers teaching & learning so that pupils have positive outcomes in their education and wellbeing, with the long-term aspirations of reintroducing them to school or college.

home learning tutor

Home Learning tutors deliver bespoke learning packages to pupils in their homes, either virtually or face to face. Tutors deliver therapeutic education interventions to support the development of the pupils they support.

home learning teacher

Home Learning Teachers provide a peripatetic service, engaging with pupils and their families, introducing the right environment to nurture personal, social and academic growth of our vulnerable pupils.

head of home learning

The Head of Home Learning ensures the delivery of a quality education service, as well as the strategic development of the Home Learning Service.


Please register your interest through the vacancies page to be alerted of new roles in our Home Learning Service.

central services

Our Central Services teams deliver wider support to our schools and services, including HR, Recruitment, Training, Finance, Marketing and Business Development.

Careers Adviser/Leader

The Careers Leader ensures that TCES pupils are provided with impartial careers information, advice and guidance to enable them to develop and implement career management skills.

recruitment officer

The Recruitment Officer is part of the Human Resources team and provides effective and efficient recruitment solutions within the organisation. The role involves high levels of attention to detail through compliance and vetting tasks, as well as building of relationships with external agencies, TCES hiring managers, and prospective candidates.

schools' Data & Systems Manager

Responsible for all school systems and data (education, assessment and attendance), the Data Manager provides all staff the necessary information and details for us all to make appropriate changes in the implementation of our curriculum and policies.

quality Assurance & Processes manager

A specialist in all things Ofsted, inspections/audits and quality assurance, the QA & Processes Manager ensures that our commitment to high quality therapeutic education is achieved through consistent and timely reviews.


Please register your interest through the vacancies page to be alerted of new roles in our Central Services teams.