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TCES Create Learning

Create Learning is our high needs, high risk service offering very small group and 1:1 personalised therapeutic education for our most complex and vulnerable pupils.  

We use a therapeutic education model and a high ratio of staff to pupils to build positive social, emotional and educational development for those that have failed in other settings. 

What is it? 

Create Learning is a service that supports young people with significant challenges that impact their ability to access education. These pupils have significant gaps in their education, have on average three exclusions from previous schools and are currently unable to be educated in mainstream or alternative provision. 

Their education is addressed in stages, depending on risk assessments based on the young person’s complexities, and covers: 

  • Engagement with and reintroduction to education in the community 
  • Engagement within the school hub 
  • Engagement in group learning 

Pupils receive a differentiated curriculum to meet their individual needs. The service offers a therapeutic approach to teaching 4 days a week, and a rigorous training programme for staff teams to ensure everyone is trained to meet a more complex pupil group. 

Who is it for? 

  • Create Learning in Newham supports young people aged 11–19. 
  • Create Learning Primary in Barking supports children aged 7–11. 
  • Pupils with complex needs that are a barrier to learning in a mainstream school or alternative provision, typically associated with SEMH, autism and associated conditions. 
  • Pupils are likely to have traumatic backgrounds and include CME (Child Missing in Education), CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), and CCE (Child Criminal Exploitation). 
  • Pupils are likely to have experienced multiple placement breakdowns and failed within the education system to date. 

The Create Approach 

Building on the strengths, talent, and interests of each pupil, we focus on developing pupil leadership, independence and social/group skills – supporting them to gain the confidence they need to take the next steps into education and society. 

Our aims: 

  • Improve education and wellbeing outcomes for children with the most complex needs. 
  • Provide a local alternative to out of area placements and keep families together. 
  • Stabilise and integrate pupils back into small group learning. 
  • Prepare our pupils for the next stage in education, training or employment. 

Benefits of the Create Approach 

Using our Create Approach, we work towards stepping down as many pupils as possible through continuous monitoring and reporting using a combination of professional assessments and tools, including Rising Stars, Boxall Profile (developed by Nurtureuk) and BKSB. Ninety per cent of Create Learning Secondary pupils step down into mainstream college, vocational training courses or employment after leaving TCES. We anticipate that 50 per cent of our Create Learning Primary pupils will be ready to step down to TCES East London after at least three terms with us, with 50 per cent staying within Create to benefit from the intensive support offered. 

Understanding and removing the barriers to a pupil’s learning and ability to achieve their potential brings many benefits, including: 

  • Improved attendance and reduced absence 
  • Empowered pupils who can make links between thinking, feeling and behaviour to develop positive coping strategies 
  • Effective strategies to support relationships 
  • Leadership and life skills 
  • Academic and vocational qualifications 
  • Improved mental well-being 
  • Social skills and independence 

Our specialism

Every TCES school specialises in Leadership and the Arts

Leadership is a key focus of the TCES curriculum - find out more by visiting our Leadership and Careers page.


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Adele Stedman Executive Headteacher
Melinda Robbins Head of Service
Deirdre McCoy School Business Manager
Thomas Keaney CEO & School Proprietor  

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