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TCES Create Learning

TCES Create Learning runs parallel to our independent day schools, TCES East London and TCES North West London. It is a highly specialist learning service supporting the social, emotional, physical and mental health needs of some of the UK’s most high-risk, complex and vulnerable pupils.

Our key aim is to develop and grow our pupils’ key skills and eventually assist them in reintegrating into a school or college environment, with the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful in pursuing their goals.

Ever pupil goes through a different journey at Create Learning – using our case co-ordination model, we begin by identifying the full extent and complexity of each pupil’s barriers to learning. Once their needs have been determined, a highly differentiated and personalised education programme is developed.  

We are a diverse, inclusive community of pupils, teachers and therapists all working together to ensure that our core values of respect, tolerance, hard work, inclusion, genuine participation and a never give up philosophy are at the centre of what we practice.

We work alongside our pupils every step of the way, combining an academic and therapeutic approach in order to integrate them into the programme at their own pace.

our objectives

  • Improve educational and wellbeing outcomes for children with the most complex needs.
  • Provide a local alternative to out of area placements.
  • Deliver local support and liaison by multidisciplinary professionals (clinical, therapists, social workers and specialist educators).
  • Stabilise and integrate pupils back into small group learning.

Our specialism

In addition to the LIFE Programme, each TCES school and service specialises in another area. At TCES Create Learning, we specialise in Creative & Physical Arts.

Key contacts



Phone / Email

Thomas Keaney CEO & Schools' Proprietor 020 8543 7878
Adele Stedman Executive Head 01708 393 150
Deirdre McCoy School Business Manager
Louise Roberts SENCO

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