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Exam results and accreditations

TCES East London

TCES East London pupils gained qualifications across a range of subjects including GCSEs and Functional Skills.  The leadership Peer Mentor Awards and the English-Speaking Board exams allow our pupils to gain qualifications in the younger years whilst developing their communication, debating and presentation skills. 

  • Six pupils gained the level 2 Peer Mentor qualification 

Year 11  

There were 11 pupils in Year 11 at TCES East London 

  • Eight pupils gained a GCSE in English and Maths.
  • Two pupils gained a Grade 4 or above in both English and Maths.
  • Ten pupils gained qualifications in both English and Maths.
  • Three pupils gained a Grade 4 or above in Maths.
  • Three pupils gained a Grade 4 or above in English.
  • One pupil gained the equivalent of 6 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above.
  • Five pupils gained GCSE Biology — the first time GCSE Biology has been taken at TCES.
  • Two pupils were successful at BTEC Music Level 2, one receiving a double distinction, this is the first time this BTEC has been taken at TCES.
  • Three pupils passed the GCSE PE Short Course all achieving Grade 4 or above. 
  • Five pupils passed Entry level certificates in science.
Year 10 

There were 8 pupils in year 10 

  • Three pupils passed units towards their level 1 Functional Skills English.
  • Four pupils passed Entry Level Certificate in English and Maths between entry level 1 to 3.

English-speaking Board 

  • 42 ESB qualifications were achieved by our pupils allowing our pupils at all levels to celebrate their progress in communicating.

Create Results

We are proud of our pupils who accomplish amazing results given their individual journeys.

Create pupils gained qualifications across a range of subjects including GCSE, BTEC, Functional Skills and the leadership Peer Mentor Awards. 

2020/21 exam results 
  • Two pupils gained the Level 1 Peer Mentoring qualification.
Year 11 
  • Four pupils in Year 11 have qualifications in English and Maths* 
  • One pupil has a Functional Skills Level 1. 
Year 12/13/14 
  • One pupil gained an A-level in Art at Grade B. 
  • One pupil gained a GCSE Maths at Grade 7. 
  • One pupil gained GCSE Art: Photography at Grade 6. 
  • One pupil gained a Level 2 Life Certificate. 
  • Four pupils gained the Life Award. 
Year 10/9  
  • Two pupils in Year 10 passed GCSE Art with Grade 7 and Grade 4.
  • One pupil gained a Level 2 Functional Skills.
  • Five pupils in Year 9 and 10 gained entry level qualifications in English.
  • Three pupils in Year 10 gained an entry level qualification in Maths.

*Some exams have been gained in previous years.