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TCES launches programme of online events

TCES has launched a new webinar programme to help share best practice amongst educational professionals, parents, carers and local authority representatives alike.

Taking advantage of the new-found accessibility to online networking thanks to software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we have started a programme of events that will give our audiences a much better insight into our schools and services, and allow us to share knowledge at a cost of zero to those who need it.

Our first webinar was held on Tuesday 8 December and was an introduction to our new TCES Home Learning service, which we launched earlier this year, in response to the growing demand for home-based and virtual learning and knowledge in the areas of autism spectrum conditions and other SEN learning difficulties.

Among the attendees were parents looking for advice with their children learning from home, local authority representatives looking for an insight into the service, and other professionals who were keen to hear about the advantages of a home-based learning service.

Hosted by TCES’ CEO Thomas Keaney, the webinar included discussions on how home learning can alleviate barriers to school attendance, our goals for the programme, the benefits of learning from home and why home learning is so effective during these uncertain times. It was then followed by a Q&A panel including the Head of Service Sandra Rey, Deputy School Development Partner Lucy Mannion, and TCES Head of Therapy David Coulter.

Following the webinar, 100% of attendees said they were highly likely to attend another webinar and rated the experience as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

On 15 December, TCES then invited lecturer, author, and consultant Fintan O’Regan to host his talk “The Curious Case of ADHD and ASD”.

Fintan is a former special needs head teacher who has a wealth of experience in working with pupils with ADHD, ASD and ODD, and spoke on how those affected by ADHD and ASD often have several overlapping issues, touching on important topics such as the various methods teachers and parents can employ when managing individuals with neurodiverse needs.

His talk was also followed by a Q&A, joined by Thomas Keaney and David Coulter. The session brought up a range of queries that our attendees had and created a wider discussion around the events of this year and the difficulties pupils, parents, carers and teachers have faced.

As we had a high level of audience engagement and participation, we followed up post webinar with all those attendees who had more specific questions. We are delighted to be involved in the conversations that the webinars have sparked, and we will continue to offer our input, whether it be advice for managing a particular child or placement or giving insight into TCES’s growing remit of schools and services.

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, attendees in post webinar surveys described the webinars as ‘inspiring’, ‘informative and interesting’ and ‘brilliant, insightful and practical’.

Moreover, for our Home Learning webinar 100% of the respondents enjoyed the event and 100% were either ‘Highly Likely’ or ‘Likely’ to attend a future TCES webinar.

We’re already in the midst of planning another series of free webinars for 2021, including ‘virtual open days’ for each of our schools and services, and further webinars where we’ll be hosting external experts in the fields of ASD, ADHD, SEND and SEMH.

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