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  • 01/12/20

    the one that got away

    Last week I celebrated the birthday of TCES as it entered into its 20th year as a Social Enterprise. TCES delivers education, health and care through its schools and services for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and co-morbid Autistic Spectrum Condition. As this is our 20th y...
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  • 30/11/20

    A most gentle mind

    Every year for the past decade we have attended the Autism show with our TCES Schools stand and each year we meet more and more desperate and frustrated parents and carers. We meet the parents of young children who have been told by their nurseries and primary schools something that they long witnes...
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  • 10/08/20

    A worthy finish despite the start: The trouble with Jane

    Today we received the news that one of our Care Experienced Children Jane (not her real name) is being moved out of one of our Independent Special Day schools following another foster placement breakdown.
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  • 20/02/20

    hidden heroes

    It is a rare thing for a young person to know with certainty what they want to do in life. “The best laid plans of mice and men” is often used to describe the lives of young people who are trying out multiple jobs until something fits, taking gap years that never lead to college or unive...
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  • 05/01/20

    New Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: the most positive change for pupils with SEND in a generation

    Just before Christmas our North West London Independent School (NWLIS) became one of the first special schools to be inspected under the new Framework.
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  • 09/12/19

    TCES’ work philosophy

    There is in my view in every child irrespective of previous experiences a wish to integrate into society and to be successful.
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  • 07/12/19

    Schools won’t be inclusive until their efforts also apply to staff

    To make education truly inclusive, we need to employ neuro-diverse staff as positive role models. Read my piece in SchoolsWeek here.
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  • 01/09/19

    Supporting ASC/SEMH Pupils Returning in September: My ‘Top Ten’ List

    My 'Top 10' Tips for supporting SEMH/ASC pupils returning to the school environment after their Summer Holidays:
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  • 12/04/19

    The realities of bullying

    One of the biggest fallacies in our education system which is perpetuated time and again is the myth that bullying doesn’t happen or only rarely in a good or outstanding school.
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  • 01/04/19

    Isolation booths in schools; A poverty of values and imagination

    Isolation booths in schools are being reported on as part of a recent wider examination of the education system by the media.
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