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Tces celebrates culture week

Our TCES schools celebrate in style, embracing culture and diversity. 

During the celebrations, our pupils decorated their classrooms to represent a variety of countries, ate delicious cuisine, and listened to music inspired by cultural traditions. It is part of our PSHE curriculum on these topics. 1) All about me and 2) The world we live in, understanding each other and celebrating differences align with our inclusive values. One of our TCES community values is 'authentic real inclusion.' 

Pupils at TCES North West London school celebrated Culture Week between 15th -19th January , decorating their classrooms with a country selected of their choice to present to a panel of judges from Central Services, a parent, the caretaker and Post-16 and Careers Lead.  The pupils demonstrated outstanding leadership, teamwork, and creativity skills through their outstanding efforts. Everything was done to perfection, including the food, the flags, the music, and welcoming the judges into the classrooms. Some pupils went above and beyond to speak in Greek, sharing their extensive knowledge and conducting thorough research. A massive well done to all pupils and staff participation, it was definitely a wonderful day to remember! 

We also had TCES Create in the Community celebrate Culture week, presenting their selected countries with their Cluster Leads online. All presentations were creatively inspired by their chosen country and students were engaged too. It was wonderful to see how all the students and staff came together to share their knowledge and interests in their selected countries. Well done to all staff involved, especially the Pastoral Care Coordinator, Jack Briggs for organising. We look forward to more events like these. 

TCES Create Primary pupils celebrated with a cultural assembly, a big feast breakfast and making country flags. Some of the pupils had an Art lesson with the Cross-site Art Lead. They re-imaged and designed places of worship across the world, i.e., one of the oldest mosques in Nigeria, the Taj Mahal, and an ancient church. The pupils were very creative and imaginative with their work, especially a pupil shown in particular who re-imagined a colourful festival at the Taj Mahal, which included sharks and dinosaurs. There were food-tasting sessions across all the countries displayed. 

On Friday, January 26th, TCES East London celebrated Culture Week. The day commenced with a fabulous fashion show, where pupils proudly showed a panel of judges the designs that they had made throughout the week. The pupils designed colourful costumes that represented their country of choice. We had pupils and staff representing Senegal, Trinidad & Tobago, Thailand, Australia, and Canada. After the fashion show, the pupils warmly welcomed the judges into their classrooms, which were decorated beautifully with flags and ornaments from their chosen countries. The judges were treated to food from the countries selected, which they thoroughly enjoyed. A massive well done to all the staff and pupils involved on the day.