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Examination Results

We are proud of our exceptional pupils who accomplish outstanding academic outcomes — excellent progress given the journeys they have been through.

Our gifted and talented pupils gained a range of qualifications in the 2020/21 academic year which is amazing. 

2020/21 Headlines

Core outcomes: 
  • 90% of pupils in year 11 at TCES Schools gained a qualification in English and Maths 
  • New GCSEs were added to our range of subjects to meet the talents of our learners 
  • First GCSE Biology was taken this year and passed.
  • A Create pupil in year 13 gained a grade 7 in Maths GCSE
Success in our Specialism — 'The Arts'
  • 3 pupils passed A level Art across the TCES Schools.  One with a grade C in year 10 and one with a grade B.
  • 100% of pupils entered for GCSE Art gained a Grade 4 or above with one of our talented pupils in year 10 gaining a Grade 9 in Photography.
  • BTEC Music at level 2 was taken for the first time with pupils gaining the equivalent of 2 good GCSE grades.
Improved Pupil Outcomes 
  • 75% of pupils in year 11 at TCES Schools gained a Grade 4 or above in at least 1 GCSE.
  • 73% gained Grade 4 or above in PE across our schools.

Please see below for further details of qualifications passed: