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27 Apr 2018

‘World of Work’ programme successes for Post-16 creative arts pupils at NWLIS

Two North-West London Independent School pupils have utilised their artistic talents to create some exciting opportunities in the worlds of performing arts and animation.

Y12 pupil Michael recently spent the day on a ‘world of work’ visit to animators Mummu in London’s Hoxton. Michael first visited in 2017 and received a standing ovation from the animators after showing them his work and they asked that he return this March, so they could watch his latest animations and see how his techniques had developed.

Michael had taken on board a lot from his first visit and was able to not only show them three new animations, but the stages of development from mood board, to storyboard to screen. He spent the day with professional animators who demonstrated and worked 1:1 alongside him to develop his skills using the industry standard After Effects software and teach him valuable techniques that he can take forward in order to further his goal to work in the industry.

Post 16 pupils are fortunate to be supported by the SLT and Business Manager at NWLIS who have constantly helped both to fund and ensure that our World of Work programme is facilitating these incredibly talented pupils to follow their dreams of becoming professional creative artists in their chosen areas.

A second Post 16 pupil Myles, also in Y12, has been given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Actors Studio at Pinewood Studios on May 17 to learn screen acting. This will not only go towards Unit 1 of his Gold Arts Award but help him to learn some of the techniques required to pursue his dream of becoming a television and film actor. Myles’ creativity knows no bounds: in addition to screen acting he is also writing and recording rap songs for the new ASDAN Expressive Arts Award – and he’s produced some stunning album cover artwork to accompany! Myles has also filmed and edited a rap video for his first song release which he hopes to premiere at our NWLIS Performance in July.


Staff at animation company Mummu watch pupil Michael’s progress