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Summer Camp

As part of our summer programme all TCES pupils have access to a range of virtual summer camps to engage and entertain you over the summer break.

No matter what you are interested in, there is a camp for you!



Symphony of Wonders: Click here to join a music themed summer camp that explores music production, instruments, health, careers, science and maths, history and culture.


Camp Wonderopolis: Click here to join a wilderness themed camp where you can explore the Wonder Zoo, Observatory, Amusement Park, Woods, Dig Site and Laboratory all from your own home!



Build your own Wonderocity: Get your hard hat and toolbelt ready, and use your curiosity to build your own version of Wonderocity by joining this full-filled camp.


Flex Your Wonder: Get hands on with this sport-themed summer camp with cool experiments to exercise your mind and body.



Mission to Wonder: Are you ready to lift off to a galaxy of fun? This camp will take your Wondering to the stars and beyond.