Welcome film and introduction from the Head


Please note: As of the 2019/20 academic year, the Head Teacher position at North West London Independent School has been filled by Camilla Azis. A new video will be produced soon. 

At North West London Independent School (NWLIS), we feel it is crucial every pupil enjoys their time with us and we strive to support pupils in overcoming the barriers to success.

Most importantly, we look forward to working and sharing with you the delight that comes from seeing your child make progress, gain qualifications and achieve things they had never thought possible before. At NWLIS ‘Every Child Really Matters’.

Our diverse staff team are highly skilled and experienced in working with young people who require individualised learning, adapting social and emotional programmes to facilitate progress over time. They have high expectations, a ‘can-do’ approach and are committed to supporting our pupils and celebrating their success.

We provide a well-structured routine in a safe, calm and happy environment which promotes tolerance and respect throughout our school community.  We nurture ambition and work with each child to provide them with the life skills, accreditation and certification needed to achieve and access future careers.

We are especially proud of the unique five-part curriculum provision provided by TCES Group schools. This enables us to provide for all of our pupils’ Education, Health and Care needs. It is further differentiated to inspire and meet each pupil’s needs, offering additional vocational and college routes in KS4 and KS5, as required.

We also offer tutor support, key work, group process, nurture groups and drama therapy, speech and language intervention and clinical assessments for our more complex pupils. Our Speech and Language Therapist and Educational Psychologist assess pupils within the classroom environment and our Clinical Psychologist further supports staff with strategies for pupils who are struggling to engage with learning.

Pupil and parent/carer voice is key to working collaboratively to enable positive outcomes for our young people. We are very transparent in the way we work with pupils and their families/carers and are always happy to discuss any aspect of our service you may require. Occasionally things do not happen as we might hope. When this occurs, we want to hear about it so we can work together to resolve any concerns and put things right.

Camilla Azis
Head Teacher, North West London Independent School

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