Pupil Premium                       


North West London Independent School (NWLIS) has used Pupil Premium spending to improve the outcomes of eligible pupils. Over the last year it has been used flexibly to suit the nature of the school as a provision for pupils with SEMH and ASC.

Apart from two LAC pupils (stated below), there is currently no specific funding for any others as the Local Authorities have informed us this is included in our contracted fees.

Overall, there is no significant difference between the attainment, behaviour and attendance of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium and those who do not receive this funding. There is a small gap between the attainments of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium for Reading and those without. Due to the comparable needs of both groups it is inevitable that many of the Pupil Premium initiatives will be beneficial at a whole school level.

The school has provided opportunities for pupils to take part in programmes like WAC Arts.  Groups worked collaboratively to create films, taking on the various roles of a film crew. Everything on these short films has been conceived, produced and recorded by NWLIS pupils.

Roles included: Producer, Director, Cameraman (director or photography), Sound Recorder, 1st Assistant Director, Lighting Technician (Gaffer), Writer and Editor.

Pupils were able to learn new skills and implement them independently using these new abilities to facilitate their wonderful creative vision.

For the financial year running from April 2017 to March 2018, North West London Independent School was allocated £1,700 for two LAC pupils – the following report details how this has been spent:

General Specific Cost Impact
Pupil 1 Pet Therapy

6 weeks

£150 To support P1 in managing level of anxieties, trust issues and behaviour. This also complements other therapies P1 is accessing via the school environment
Pupil 1 Laptop/Ipad £300 To support literacy and numeracy, increase P1’s ability to become an independent reader and assist P1 in reporting and research skills
Pupil 1 Dance Therapy TBC To support P1’s emotional wellbeing, behaviour, trust issues and expressive communication
Pupil 2 Age appropriate Reading £30 per set To improve P2’s vocabulary
Pupil 2 Scholastic English Skills £5.39 per book £143.76 total Improving and embedding P2’s understanding of grammar and literacy skills
Pupil 2 Ipad £300 To support learning across the curriculum eg, literacy and handwriting skills
Pupil 2 Software update Overall cost per term £100 To support literacy skills and independent study skills


P1 & P2 also took part in the WAC Arts project.

Pupil Premium information for the  2018/19 financial year will be published in January 2020.