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TCES Group welcomes the formation of its first ever Parent Voice Group at NWLIS. Led by Head Teacher Katrina Medley, the Group meets regularly and is attended by parents of NWLIS pupils. The Group works in conjunction with the NWLIS Student Voice Group, with members of both Groups liaising regularly.


View our parent newsletter: NWLIS Newsletter 8 June 2018

Ensuring that parents are actively involved in the life of the school, the Group has established four key objectives:

  1. Regular parent evenings, events, workshops and meetings
  2. Parents and pupils to work together in enrichment activities
  3. Therapeutic, homework and behaviour workshops
  4. Support from parents/carers for the Inclusion Quality Mark.

One of the first requests made by the Group was for a designated NWLIS parent newsletter, which was duly created and is known as The Oak. It will be sent to parents on a termly basis; you can view the most recent edition Newsletter parent group

There have been several initiatives that the Parent Voice Group has been actively involved in creating. One of the most prolific has been the Ealing Food Bank initiative. Pupils are encouraged to donate one food item per week to the food bank, with members of the Student Voice Group visiting the centre to donate what has been collected. Other initiatives have included Macmillan cake sales, Children in Need and Arts Week.

The Parent Voice Group also requested a Parent Curriculum Map, an example of which can be viewed here. The map gives an overview of the school curriculum on a term by term basis, according to age group.

For more information about the NWLIS Parent Voice Group, please contact Katrina Medley.

The Oak issue 2

The Oak issue 1

Parent curriculum map 16-17 Group C