Ofsted Inspection



As an independent school,  we are assessed against the Independent School Standards. The outcome of this latest inspection (7-9 February 2017) can be accessed below.

 We are also inspected, as are all schools in England, under the Common Inspection Framework. 

We are an ‘Outstanding’ School

Some quotes from the report:

Effectiveness of leadership and management – “The daily leadership of the school is innovatively led by co-headteachers, one with teaching and learning expertise, the other with social care and safeguarding skills. Together, the team oversees a truly effective therapeutic provision that uniquely and successfully teaches pupils who have autistic spectrum disorder, and social, emotional and mental health difficulties, together.”

“Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a key strength, threaded through every possible aspect of the school’s work…. Pupils are given every opportunity to reflect and understand how people from different cultures and backgrounds contribute to life in modern Britain. The school’s work to teach pupils about equality and diversity, as exemplified during lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history month, is highly effective.”

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – “The school’s approach to teaching pupils is innovative and unique. In addition to more traditional class-based teaching of core subjects and a wide range of accredited courses, pupils are taught leadership, and thinking and social skills. These skills are taught in an integrated way through an engaging, therapeutic curriculum. As a result, pupils make excellent progress.”

Personal development, behaviour and welfare – “Pupils’ social and emotional well-being is developed as a matter of priority. As well as through the offer of individual therapies, pupils rapidly develop their social skills and resilience to manage their emotions through the school’s unique therapeutic approach.”

Outcomes for pupils
Observations in lessons and pupils’ work show that current pupils in all year groups make rapid rates of progress in a range of subjects, particularly in English, mathematics, science and art. Pupils make especially excellent progress in their social and communication skills, and emotional well-being. More recently, progress in reading has improved even further as a result of the daily ‘drop everything and read’ initiative.”