Ofsted Inspection


As an independent school,  we are assessed against the Independent School Standards. The outcome of this latest inspection (19-21 November 2019) can be accessed below.

We are also inspected, as are all schools in England, under the Common Inspection Framework. 

For the second time in a row, we have been rated ‘Outstanding’

Some quotes from the report:

“Pupils excel at this school both academically and socially.”

“The School’s ‘community values’ such as hard work and high expectations are routinely upheld.”

“Pupils respond well to the ‘never give up’ attitude they receive from caring staff.”

”A culture of safeguarding permeates the school.”

“The school offers an exceptionally broad and exciting curriculum adapted to meet the individual needs of pupils.”

“Teaching improves pupils’ social and basic skills. Teaching staff encourage pupils to make gains in their reading, speaking, writing and maths.”

“Maximising pupils’ well-being and personal development is at the heart of the school’s work” “Promoting pupils’ social development is a strength of the school.”

“Supportive group discussions enable pupils to reflect and share their personal experiences and opinions on matters important to them.”

“Pupils take on roles of responsibility such as Head girl or boy and members of the school council. Pupils get involved in fund raising for charity. Pupils said they like these leadership roles and believe the school listens to their views.”

“Parents uniformly appreciate the work of the school. They are happy simply because their child is doing well and enjoys being at school.”

“The inspiration and vision of the proprietor underpin the school’s success. The ambition is for all pupils to recognise their talents and prepare for a successful life in modern Britain. Staff and Governors share this vision.”

“Staff, including therapists, ensure that pupils discover a joy of learning.”