Examination Results 2018

NWLIS achieved a 100% pass rate for art GCSEs for all of the Y11s with Kayne and Aaron achieving grade 6. Y12 pupil Myles achieved grade 6 in his English GCSE. In PE Nicholas and Hussain both achieved a grade 4. Nicholas also achieved a grade 4 in maths.

Based on these positive results we will continue to offer GCSEs and will also offer BTECs for the first year at NWLIS.

Ruby Regan, NWLIS PE coordinator said “I am so proud of the hard work and commitment from the Y11s. The outcomes were the highest that we have achieved at NWLIS since we started delivering this qualification. I am looking forward to continuing with GCSEs and the Sports Leaders Qualification.”

Art Teacher Paul Morris was already thinking about improvements for next year. Although he met the target of 100% pass rate he is now looking at delivering the international GCSE. This qualification is assessed throughout the year and will be more appropriate for our learners to achieve. He will also be working towards the school obtaining the Arts Mark. Paul said “My target for the year ahead is for all pupils to aim for top grades and to further develop A level work with pupils continuing their post 16 education at NWLIS.”

Overall, the 2018 results comprise of 37 GCSEs, a remarkable achievement for pupils who have, on average, lost 18 months of schooling from their education journey as well as numerous interruptions and new starts.

Katrina Medley was at the school to congratulate each learner when they received their results. “These young people are now on the next part of their journey into further education or employment. I am delighted that our results continue to improve each year to give pupils the best opportunity to move forward and transition to the next stage of their journey.”

Qualifications and Certificates in 2018

37 GCSEs and 2 Entry Level Qualifications.
An additional 10 Sports Leaders Unit Awards.
8 Y11 pupils gained 11 GCSEs.

Subject: Qualification: Result
Art & Design GCSE (7-9) 0
Art & Design GCSE (4-6) 7
Maths GCSE(4) 1
Maths GCSE(1-3) 8
English GCSE(4-6) 1
English GCSE(1-3) 7
Science GCSE(1-3) 7
Physical Education (Short) GCSE(4-6) 2
Physical Education (Short) GCSE(1-3) 4
English Entry level 2 1
Maths Entry Level 3 1
Sports Leaders Unit Awards 10