Note: The following information about the school Complaints Policy is an extract from the full policy which is available on request.

At TCES Group we believe that only through a system which encourages openness and transparency can we best safeguard children, young people and staff. We encourage our pupils, parents/carers, staff and local authority clients to comment on any aspect of our service. We recognise that everyone occasionally makes mistakes. What is important, however, is that when mistakes are made there is a clear and fair approach to putting things right again. The aim of our Complaints Policy and Procedure is to ensure that every parent/carer, pupil and stakeholder involved in the North West London Independent School understands our policy and has access to a procedure that supports and enables them to raise concerns or complain about any aspect of our school.

We want everyone involved with North West London Independent School to be able to tell us if they think we are doing something wrong or acting unfairly in any way. Our policy is that, when concerns are raised or complaints are made, we will do everything in our power to put things right as quickly as possible. Our first action will always be to ensure, from the outset, that everyone involved with the North West London Independent School is given a copy of the Complaints Form and has the procedure fully explained to them.

We recognise that it is essential to be open to criticism or complaints from any source and that only by being open to criticism or complaints can we hope to improve our service and the attainment of the pupils we teach. Therefore we welcome all concerns and complaints.

Concerns and complaints are often caused by simple mistakes or misunderstandings, or thoughts and feelings that have not been aired or acknowledged. We would anticipate that these and other issues could be quickly and informally resolved through improved communication and immediate response. At other times, or if an informal complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, it may be necessary to follow the formal complaints procedure. It is important that this choice is always available.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact the Head Teacher, contact details are in the TCES Group Complaints Procedure and Form below:

TCES Group – Complaints form

All concerns raised by pupils, parents and placing authorities are managed through the complaints procedures. In the last academic year we received 5 such complaints across the whole service, that were all resolved satisfactorily. There were no complaints that reached the formal stage last academic year. 

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