Welcome from the Head

At Essex Fresh Start Independent School (EFS), we want every pupil to enjoy their time with us. Only when pupils enjoy their school will they make real progress. We offer a structured routine in a safe, comfortable environment which encourages mutual respect and tolerance. We also nurture each child’s ambitions as we aim to provide a ‘passport’ for life by accrediting our pupils with as many certificates as possible to help them to make positive choices for their future careers.

A significant number of last year’s leavers are now happily settled in work or college. Six months after leaving at the end of year 11, 80% of pupils were still engaged in work, education or training.

A happy school is an achieving school and lessons need to be interesting, memorable and relevant to each pupil’s needs. We are especially proud of our innovative curriculum which is divided into five elements, all with equal emphasis.

In addition to counselling, nurture groups and art and drama therapy, we have speech and language intervention and clinical assessments for our more hard-to-reach pupils. Our Speech and Language Therapist and Educational Psychologist assess pupils within the classroom environment and our Clinical Psychologist further supports staff with strategies for pupils who are struggling to engage with learning.

Occasionally things do not happen as we might hope. When this occurs, we want to hear about it so we can sort out the problem and put it right. This website includes the main company policies around Safeguarding, Child Protection, our Curriculum and our Complaints and Bullying Policy.

Our behaviour support system – MAPA (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) – ensures our staff are very well trained in de-escalation techniques as well as Restrictive Physical Intervention (RPI), if this should be required as a last resort.

We are very transparent in the way we work with pupils and their families or carers.  We are always happy to discuss any aspect of our service, of which you may require further detail or which may concern you.

Above all we look forward to working and sharing with you the delight that comes from seeing your child make progress, gain qualifications and achieve things they had never thought possible before. At Essex Fresh Start ‘Every Child Really Matters’.

Elainor Lloyd
Head of School