Essex Fresh Start School Pupil Premium for academic year 2017 – 2018

Essex Fresh Start Independent School (EFS) has used Pupil Premium spending to improve the outcomes of eligible pupils. Over the last year it has been used flexibly to suit the nature of the school as a provision for pupils with SEMH and ASC.

For academic year 2017/18 the majority of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium at our school is significantly above the national average. Overall, there is no significant difference between the attainment, behaviour and attendance of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium and those who do not receive this funding. There is a small gap between the attainments of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium for Reading and those without. Due to the comparable needs of both groups it is inevitable that many of the Pupil Premium initiatives will be beneficial at a whole school level.

The school has provided opportunities for pupils to engage in new means of creative expression. Noise Solution is a social enterprise pairing professional musicians with marginalised young people to build confidence, self-belief and aspirations through one to one music mentoring. Noise Solutions specialise in finding creative ways to overcome traditional barriers to music creation, whether using cutting edge technology to create the latest electronic music genres or ‘unlocking the piano in an hour’ using innovative shapes based techniques, all of which are made possible, irrespective of pupils’ previous level of musical experience.

During sessions, Noise Solutions capture participants reaction to the process through blogging, using video reflections, photos, quotes and of course their music. The blogs are central to the model. The blog is shared, via email, directly to those identified as important by the participant. Family, allies and professionals contribute their comments and reflections to the blog, in the process co-creating a ‘digital narrative’ of success, progression and change.

The blog provides a positive resource that can be used by participants, family and professionals to build communication between each other, whilst also hosting evidence for nationally recognised qualifications and at the same time reflecting success and building resilience and confidence in the participant.

For the academic year 2017 to 2018, Essex Fresh Start Independent School was allocated £10,900 for eight LAC pupils – the following report details how this has been spent:

General Specific Cost Impact
Pupil 1 ICT Equipment £557.00 To support literacy and numeracy, increase P 1’s ability to become an independent reader and develop reporting and research skills.
Pupil 2 ICT Equipment £889.00 To support learning across the curriculum developing P2’s reading, research and research skills as an independent learner.
Pupil 3 ICT Equipment £1,665.00 To support P3 to build his engagement in the formal curriculum, we agreed with the virtual school to purchase a music production facility through making available an Apple Mac and to develop his extension into broader curriculum areas from this successful narrow base.
Pupil 4, 5, 6.


Noise Solutions £6,620.00 See above
Pupil 7 1:2:1 private literacy intervention/ICT Equipment £752.00 To build P7’s interest and engagement in literacy, overcoming barriers to achievement and developing  engagement and skills in research and independent learning
Pupil 8 ICT Equipment £417.00  


Pupil Premium information for the 2018/19 financial year will be published in January 2020.