Examination results 2018/19

On Friday 13 September the school celebrated the Graduation of our 2018-2019 school leavers. It was a very proud moment for staff and parents to come together in celebrating another bumper year of results.

2018/19 saw 40 pupils gain a total of 168 qualifications and awards.  These include 55% of Y10 and 83% of our Y11s obtaining a qualification in a core subject – Maths, English, Art and Science.  GCSE Art was the newest qualification on offer this year, and thanks to Sue Angus’ great effort, two pupils gained a GCSE. 

This is truly a remarkable achievement for pupils who have, on average, lost 18 months of schooling from their education journey as well as numerous interruptions and new starts. On average, pupils left EFS with 11 qualifications and some achieved up to 20 or more awards and qualifications this year.

Elainor Lloyd, Head of School said: “The entire team at EFS take great pride in the efforts our pupils have made as they have shown great resilience in being able to actively reflect on the past and drive themselves forward towards their future.  Congratulations to them all!”

Subject Qualification Result
Maths GCSE 7
English GCSE 6
Science GCSE 2
Art GCSE 2
Maths Functional Skills level 1 1
Maths Functional Skills level 2 1
English Functional Skills level 1



Speaking & Listening





English Functional Skills level 2


Maths Entry Level 11
English Entry Level 13
Science Entry Level 1
Work Skills BETEC Level 1 4
Sport and Leisure BETEC Level 1 1
Home Cooking Skills BETEC Level 1 5
ECDL Level 1 5
ECDL Level 2 7
English Speaking Board Level 1 24
English Speaking Board Level 2 6
Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Level 2 22
Vocational Courses Progression Skills 1
Vocational Short Courses Health and Safety at work, Completing Application Forms,

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Manual Handling in the Workplace, Nutrition, Healthier Foods and Special Diets,  Presentation Skills, Introduction to Risk Assessments etc


AQA Unit Awards AQA 2