Welcome from the Head Teacher

At TCES Group our aim is to provide unique and inspirational environments in which our pupils can thrive, learn and meet their potential. At East London Independent School (ELIS), we embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly. We hold dear a very simple principle: be kind, work hard, stay safe.

For pupils to experience success in education it is crucial for them to enjoy school, feel it is worthwhile and understand the part that school plays in helping them to achieve the future they want for themselves. Most importantly, we share the delight that comes from seeing our pupils make progress, gain qualifications and achieve things they had never thought possible before. At ELIS, ‘Every Child Really Matters’.

Our dedicated, skilled and experienced team of teaching, clinical, therapy and inclusion staff work with parents, Local Authorities and the wider professional network to develop individualised learning programmes for pupils, which will help them see themselves as successful learners.

We have high expectations and are focused on a pupil’s ability to maintain progress over time. We are committed to supporting our pupils and celebrating their successes. The ability to succeed in group education in a school setting is a skill that pupils will need to develop to be successful in college, in work or in training when they move on to life after school.

Previously our ASC and SEMH pupils were educated in separate schools but in October 2017 they were integrated at our Custom House site and at Easter 2018 the pupils moved to the new Stratford Marsh School following a £1.5 million building programme. This provided eight new classrooms, a Science Laboratory and Food Technology area and an Art suite.

Simply put, ‘Together we are Better’!

We are focused on providing a well-structured routine in safe, calm and happy environments, which promote tolerance and respect throughout our school community. We nurture ambition and work with each child to provide them with the life skills, accreditation and certification needed to achieve and access future careers.

Our unique 5 Part Curriculum meets our pupils’ Education, Health and Care needs, differentiated to inspire and meet individuals’ specific needs, offering additional vocational and college routes in KS4 and Ongoing Provision, as required.

As with all TCES Group schools, ELIS has an embedded Inclusion Model, offering tutor support, relationship mentoring, group process, and a nurturing approach together with access to speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and clinical assessments from our in-school team.

SALT and OT will assess pupils within the classroom environment and our Inclusion Manager and Pastoral Care Coordinator further support staff with strategies for pupils who are struggling to engage with learning.

The main barometers of the health of a school are the strength of the pupil, parent and carer voice: ELIS is committed to ensuring meaningful inclusion, participation and engagement by ensuring this voice is heard. We are transparent in the way we work with pupils and their families and when things do not happen as we might hope, we operate a robust and transparent complaints procedure to ensure that we are always striving, always learning and always listening.

Adele Stedman, Head Teacher, East London Independent School.