Stratford Marsh Building and Redevelopment Plans

East London Independent School has extended its Stratford Marsh premises by redeveloping what was once an old church into brand new classrooms, including a sensory room, plus a new school hall.

Pupils have now moved into the new school premises at Stratford Marsh. East London Independent School no longer exists at the Custom House site.

TCES Group acquired the church, formally known as Brickfields Christian Centre, in 2013. Founded in 1662, and the oldest Free Church congregation in Newham, it is said to have been created by the Church of England vicar, Thomas Walton, one of more than 2000 clergy of the time who refused to swear an oath of allegiance to the crown of King Charles II in 1660. New congregations were formed as a result.

We have visited the site several times since building commenced in May this year; below you can see the transformation taking shape.

15 August 2018

East London Independent School’s new state-of-the-art building in Stratford, east London was officially opened by Dame Esther Rantzen DBE on June 29.

During the opening event, Dame Esther and other guests toured the school which now boasts six new classrooms, as well as a double art room and state-of-the-art classrooms for science, ICT and food technology. There is also a new school hall, two sensory rooms, and an excellent outside space. Said Dame Esther, “It was a privilege to open this remarkable school building and see the amazing new spaces that have been created to support pupils with special education needs. This building represents the school’s commitment to integration, and their inclusive approach means that more young people in east London will be educated locally and get the support they need. I’m sure staff and pupils will enjoy and benefit greatly from their new facilities.”

23 May 2018

Pupils moved back into the newly redeveloped East London Independent School in Stratford Marsh almost one month ago. Here you can see them enjoying their new facilities.

17 April 2018

The new build at Stratford Marsh is finally ready for our pupils to move in! The classrooms are now fully furnished, with some fantastic features such as acoustically aided ceilings, sensory room and science laboratory.



6 April 2018

East London Independent School get ready to unveil their brand new custom-built school building at Stratford Marsh.

Photographer Gus Campbell was on hand last Friday, 6 April, to take a final round of photographs before staff embark on the arduous process of moving in this week. The move will be complete by Monday 16 April and pupils will begin the Summer Term on Tuesday 17 April at the new school in Stratford’s Welfare Road. The photographs below show the new school kitchen and classrooms.




8 March 2018

TCES Group invited photographer Gus Campbell to capture the latest stages of development at East London Independent School’s Stratford Marsh new school build. Also present was CEO and Schools’ Proprietor, Thomas Keaney, who proudly showed visitors around the new custom-built school which features a brand new sensory room and acoustically controlled environment, adapted especially for children with autism and social and emotional mental health needs.

Also in attendance was Chris Lacey, Relationship Director at Barclays West London and Debbie Johnston, TCES Group Business Director, pictured below.

The photographs demonstrate just how close to completion the school is, estimated at around Easter time.

Plans are now well underway for the grand opening ceremony, scheduled to take place at the school on Friday June 29.



21 February 2018

21 February: Stratford Marsh school update. Building contractors  Glorcroft and architects GA Architects have created a new state-of-the-art school building for East London Independent School’s Stratford Marsh site. If you watch the fly-through video on this page you’ll see how our photographs, below, reflect our architect’s interpretation of how the school will look on completion in spring this year.

The recently constructed slatted timber ceilings are built to aid acoustic control, and with the addition of overhead lighting and freshly painted walls, Stratford Marsh is several steps closing to realising its full potential as a cutting edge school at the heart of the TCES Group.

Stratford Marsh fly-through video shows new building proposed plans

20 January: East London Independent School fly-through video released, previewing new school building. Take a look at the proposed plans for the new school build at Stratford Marsh, East London Independent School from our architect GA Architect. The building is due to open in spring next year and represents an exciting new phase in our school’s history, providing pupils with a brand new sensory room plus multiple new classrooms and hall.

19 January 2018

19 January: East London Independent School pupils from both Stratford Marsh and Custom House schools celebrated Christmas by attending a joint Christmas lunch at Custom House on December 19. Said Head Teacher Gareth Jones: “We have gradually been creating more opportunities for the two student groups to mix together, and following a successful joint breakfast on 8 December, we held a joint Christmas lunch which is making my mouth water as I write! We are also now holding our end of week Celebration Assemblies as a whole school event and it was great last week to watch how the students supported and applauded one another as the many certificates were given out.”

The Christmas lunch proved a great success; below you can see how beautifully the hall was decorated and the tasty lunch which was enjoyed by all.



10 January 2018

10 January: Stratford Marsh school building update. The photos below show how smart the new school building at East London Independent School’s Stratford Marsh site is looking! The building’s exterior has been completed; now begins the task of receiving ash for building the ceiling, which is used for the slatted timber to aid with acoustics. The flooring is still to be completed.

Work is set for completion around spring this year, when Stratford Marsh pupils will be moved back into the school from their temporary residence at Custom House.

16 Nov 2017

16 November: Stratford Marsh school building update. You’ll see from the photo above how smart the new school looks! The front porch entrance has a new roof, and inside what was once a church we now have a ground and first floor. The image of the construction worker with the trestle table stands where a new school hall will be. The walls inside are now plastered; the air conditioning installation is almost complete and the skirting boards are in place. 

Work is set for completion around spring next year, when Stratford Marsh pupils will be moved back into the school from their temporary residence at Custom House.

2 Nov 2017

The past few months have seen many changes to the Stratford Marsh new build, where work continues at a swift pace and is set to be completed on schedule (around Easter time).

The building’s exterior, which previously stood as a church, gives the illusion of readiness with its smooth freshly painted cream walls. The car park directly outside the school has been newly tarmacked, with the added installation of a circular flower bed ready for planting.

Inside the building, we now have a school hall, sensory room and five classrooms plus a bathroom, with access to the main school to the rear of the building. The first floor is now in place, with seven classrooms and a bathroom.

The building is now structurally sound, with plumbing connected. Building contractors Glorcroft are now working on air conditioning installation, electrical wiring and wall plastering. Once complete, this will provide East London Independent School’s expanded Stratford Marsh site with ample space, plus the addition of a sensory room allowing pupils with autism to develop and engage their senses in a stimulating environment.

Above, the newly tarmacked car park and flower bed

Above & Right, corridor, ground floor

18 August 2017

18 August – development continues at TCES Group’s Stratford Marsh school, which is currently being transformed into a much larger site!

The church hall, located to the left of the current main school building, now has the second level constructed, with sound proofing, flooring and insulation also being installed. The downstairs will house a school hall and there will be additional classrooms and toilet facilities. 

The image directly below shows the flooring in place on the newly constructed second floor.


26 May 2017

Those of you who have visited Stratford Marsh will be aware of the pre-existing church that stands to the left of the school. Now the exciting  third phase of redevelopment – transforming the church hall into a new part of the school – commences on 30 May 2017.

The first duty for our contractors  is to seal off the building area from the rest of the school, with all existing fencing that can be looked through boarded up. Temporary construction buildings will be built adjacent to the school playground, with the most notable change being the construction of a high wall that will run next to the car park.

Below are photos of the church, taken on Wednesday  24 May, just before building work commences. We’ll be reporting on the transformation from church to school building throughout it’s progression.