Mission, Ethos and Values


Established in 2009, East London Independent School originally started as a Key Stage 2-5 school located at three sites across the London Borough of Newham. Since 2016, when we closed our Ibex House facility, East London Independent School has operated across two schools in Newham.  In 2018 we extended our school at Stratford Marsh and all ELIS pupils are now  educated at one site. We provide education for pupils with an Autistic Spectrum Condition and also pupils who have SEMH requirements.  We currently educate approximately 40 pupils, all of whom are referred to us by Local Authorities across London and Greater London.
Our pupils are all taught in small groups of up to six to ensure each pupil receives an intensive level of support. Each group has a teaching team consisting of a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant. Each teaching team is supported by guest curriculum lecturers (e.g. Specialist Teachers, Instructors and Coaches, etc), an Educational Psychologist, Head of Pastoral Care and a Wellbeing Therapist.

Our School Mission

East London Independent School exists to ensure that our pupils leave us as positive, confident members of society. A holistic ethos of academic, therapeutic and personalised learning is achieved through clear boundaries, high expectations and positive role modelling. Whatever the barriers to learning, we will persevere and succeed together.

Our School Ethos

Our school is a learning community where we want everyone – pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors – to feel welcome and to be valued, safe and ready for the work we share. We believe each individual is unique and has their own special talent which can be developed in a calm, thoughtful and ordered school where there is fairness, understanding, clear rules, and where the consequences of actions are accepted by all. With these elements in place we believe it is possible for every pupil, perhaps for the first time, to enjoy their education, achieve their potential and feel that the problems that have led them to us can be worked through and their lives changed. In this way, pupils can look forward to a happy and productive future.

Our School Values

In order to achieve our mission we believe it is important for all the adults involved in our school (staff, parents/carers, partners and colleagues) to be guided by and work within the spirit of these values, in order to encourage our pupils to be guided and supported by them too. These values are our aims. We may achieve them to various degrees of success but are always inspired and driven by them:

Our school is a collaborative learning community where we seek to use every member’s creativity and resources and where everyone feels they belong.

Many of our pupils have experienced difficulties, trauma and rejection in the past. We offer the stability that is a necessary pre-requisite for reflecting on their experience and gaining insight, emotional literacy, resilience and empathy with others so their future can be different and happier.

In our school, pupils are held accountable for their actions and are given the social and emotional support necessary to make positive changes. We enable pupils to take responsibility when their behaviour has been unhelpful and to make restoration and gain alternative strategies and actions for the future.