East London Independent School (ELIS)

East London Independent School (ELIS) has taught Key Stage 2-5 pupils since September 2009. With provision for both SEMH and ASC children , the school’s capacity is 119.

ELIS now operates on a newly refurbished single school site – Stratford Marsh – on Welfare Road in Newham, educating both SEMH and ASC pupils together in a uniquely inclusive environment. 

Our school community, a rich therapeutic milieu, succeeds as an emotionally healthy, positive environment based on TCES Group Community Values:

  • Very high expectations
  • Hard work
  • Mutual respect and tolerance of all
  • Authentic ‘real’ inclusion
  • Genuine pupil, parent and staff voice and participation
  • A ‘we never give up’ philosophy for our pupils and staff


Our school is a learning community where we want everyone: pupils, staff, parents, carers and visitors to feel welcome, and to be valued, safe and ready for the work we share. We believe each individual is unique and has their own special talent that can be developed in a calm, thoughtful and ordered school where there is fairness, understanding, clear rules, and where the consequences of actions are accepted by all. With these elements in place we believe it is possible for every pupil, perhaps for the first time, to enjoy their education, achieve their potential and feel that the problems that have led them to us can be worked through and their lives changed so they can hope and plan for a better and more fulfilling future.

Our pupils are provided with opportunities and support to develop self-esteem, interpersonal and social skills as well as to make positive choices in respect of their behaviour both in and out of school, because we believe they will become successful members of society through the knowledge, values, and thinking skills learned in the classroom.