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TCES Nurture Learning


TCES Nurture Learning is a new service scheduled to open in 2021 to provide highly specialised care for children aged 7 to 11. It will function as a branch of TCES East London, for pupils with significant attachment needs that require a more nurturing approach than a traditional school. The service will attempt to offer a place for learning and development for younger students who require a more nurturing approach than mainstream education can provide.

Through six key principles embedded into all aspects of the school day, and an emphasis on language development and communication, Nurture Learning is tailored to focus on emotional needs and development as well as academic learning. A supportive philosophy rooted in attachment theory is used to ensure that children are provided with positive early experiences, which are vital to prepare for learning.

The service will work with pupils in small classes of up to 5, each supported by a teacher and a therapeutic education practitioner. These staff will be highly skilled specialists, having received targeted training from Nurture UK and advanced TCES-wide training to develop their understanding of neurodiversity.


These principles are embedded throughout the school day:

  1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally
  2. The classroom offers a safe base
  3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing
  4. Language is a vital means of communication
  5. All behaviour is communication
  6. The importance of transition in children’s lives.


TCES are now accepting referrals for the TCES Nurture Learning service. Please contact our Referrals team to find out more.