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About TCES Group

TCES Group provides Local Authority funded day-school education for pupils aged 7-19 years with co-morbid and complex Social, Emotional or Mental Health (SEMH) needs and/or an Autism Spectrum Condition.

All TCES Gorup schools and services are safe, nurturing and inspiring environments that enable pupils to thrive. Our integrated approach to education, health and care is designed to take each pupil on an individual journey of change that encourages a love of learning.

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Other leaflets and brochures can be found here. 

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as experts in delivering therapeutic education, health and care solutions for children and young people with complex and additional needs, who have not been able to succeed in mainstream education.

By creating positive opportunities and removing barriers to learning, we strive to enable our pupils to build on a platform for life-long learning and educational success.

Our mission

We run independent schools for pupils with unique potential. Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams transform pupils’ perception of their own skills, strengths and abilities. We deliver an industry leading combination of education, health and care that takes each pupil on an individual journey that encourages a love of learning and long-term success.

Community Values:

Across TCES Group we strive to ensure that our schools are inclusive, thriving, socially and emotionally healthy communities, based around a strong set of community values, where pupils can feel safe and secure. At the core of this is our belief that the key to increasing self-esteem and success lies within our pupils themselves.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum addresses the difficulties that have caused pupils to be referred to us; it promotes, assesses and recognises each child’s learning and offers opportunities and experiences that will enable them to meet the challenges of adult life.

It also promotes the values of caring for others, setting clear boundaries with explicit consequences and operates in a fair and consistent manner.

Find out more about our curriculum here.

Group activities

Our schools and services are always busy! We send a bulletin out to all parents at the end of every term – you can view the latest one here

TCES Group host a number of inter-schools activities and tournaments. View highlights of our 2019 Football Tournament and Celebration Day below: