COVID-19 Information for Parents and Carers

Latest information for parents and carers (COVID-19):

All parents and carers – please download our latest communications below:

Download the flyer and application form for the Arts competition below:

Download our new Code of Conduct Policy for Distance Learning and Distance Therapy here.


This page has been set up to help you and support your child’s education while they are Distance Learning. Below, you will find useful TCES Group resources, as well as additional links we have found from external sources.


TCES Group resources

Distance Learning Portal

Our Distance Learning Portal is available here. We are working hard to keep the portal fresh and are constantly looking at new ways to enhance distance learning as much as possible.

Please rest assured that at all times school staff will be available to support your children with both their learning and their emotional well-being while they’re at home. We have also been pleased with the positive feedback regarding the support calls our staff have been making to pupils, so we will continue to do this.

Download our new brochure on Distance Learning here. 

Back to School

In preparation for returning back to school the Speech and Language therapy team have put together multiple social stories. Social Stories are devices used by staff or parents to support explaining or describing new information in way that pupils can understand.

These should be used to support addressing anxieties when returning back to school or to explain hand washing routines etc. Included in the attachments is a power point explaining more about social stories and how to use them.

Please print these off an use them as needed, and if you feel a pupil would benefit from a social story that isn’t covered here please get in contact with your schools/services speech and language therapist and they will be delighted to support you in creating on.

Additional resources for your child

Visit the Additional Resources page in the Distance Learning portal for a wealth of fun, engaging websites for your child.

Other resources

Captain Tom Moore

99-year-old British war veteran, Captain Tom Moore has raised over £28 million for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) and has received donations to his fundraising challenge from all around the world. Download the resources below and try the activites with your child!


Extra resources

Coronavirus – A book for children

by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo

Visit the website to download Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education

These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages. Visit the full list here

Change4life – Indoor Activities for Kids

It can be difficult to get kids up and about at the best of times, and especially if you are all stuck at home. But we have loads of great indoor children’s activities and games for them to play so they can still get the activity they need even when they cannot get outside. Visit the website here.


BBC Own It App - FAQs - Own It - BBCThe BBC Own It keyboard and app

Your child is probably spending more time online now, using their phone to chat to their friends and family and even doing their schoolwork. The Own It app will help them make smart choices, feel more confident and get advice when theyneed it. Visit the website here to download it. More information on the app for parents is available here

Coronavirus and Your Child’s Wellbeing 

Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing 

TED: Ideas worth spreading

TED Talks to watch with your children

Fun, informative and captivating talks on a range of subjects to inspire young minds. Visit the website here.

TED also have a playlist of engaging talks by children themselves – visit the website here.


News and updates

We have received some brilliant updates from parents, which we are uploading to the News section of our website and on social media. Please do remember to send your updates and good news stories to your child’s teacher or the School Business Manager while your child is learning from home.

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