Local Authorities

South London School: “(TCES group) have been extremely professional, approachable and flexible and have been very helpful towards the school, the child and the family providing a caring and welcoming approach. The Case Manager has responded quickly and in a friendly positive way. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.”

East London LA: “Whenever we had any concerns to address, Case Managers responded quickly and efficiently… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you discuss with TCES Group any needs you might have.”

South West London LA: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank [TCES Group] . . . for managing the provision with great efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism. They have provided a caring and welcoming environment for some of the most disaffected and challenging young people in the borough. They have been able to re-engage them with their learning and provided them with the skills to manage their behaviour more appropriately. These young people have benefited from a high level of commitment and professionalism and importantly, have made progress.” Reintegration Manager

East London LEA: “I commend the professionalism with which …[TCES Group] … has dealt with our request from the beginning of the referral.”


“The staff are amazing. The school itself is amazing. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

“Our teacher was really nice…. We made posters about ourselves and I took it home and put in on my wall. We included things from the past, present and future and that I would like to achieve later on in life… I would recommend the course to other students because I have benefited from it and others would as well. Would you recommend the course to a friend or fellow student, and why? Yes, because it helps you to be good, helps your behaviour.”

“I like the small classes and can have time out alone when I need it. I feel I’ve matured a lot here.”


North West London Independent School

“J was so excited to have me witness his assembly, he loves that I am involved in the school. More parents should be involved to support the kids even if it’s not their own kid.”  

“It (Graduation Ceremony) was really nice; I’ve never been to one before. It was well planned and organised well. Good selection of food and a really nice atmosphere.”

“I think being involved with the school helps my son to see that we work together.  I think it really does help.”

“The school do what they can do; they put lots of support in for him.”

“This artwork is amazing, you should see if it can be displayed in a gallery somewhere.”

“It’s really good that parents can join assemblies to celebrate their child. The change in D has been great because she can see I am interested.”