Specific QA for Essex Fresh Start Independent Special School (EFSIS)

As part of our ongoing Essex contract there is a rigorous quality assurance programme in place between TCES Group and its Essex Fresh Start Independent School (EFSIS) and Essex CC. The Programme Management Board consists of up to five nominees from Essex County Council and the Senior Team from EFSIS. They meet termly to discuss the targets outlined below by Essex County Council.


Target Percentage
Pupils with an individual education and care plan that has been appropriately reviewed and updated within 15 days of joining the programme. 100%
Attendance of individual pupils and for all pupils expressed as a percentage of sessions each pupil attended out of the total possible sessions. 92%
Pupils admitted to the provision completing the programme at the end of year 11. 90%
Pupils in education, employment or training in the January after completing year 11. 90%

The TCES Group also prepare an annual report to be presented to the Programme Management Board in the autumn term of each year.

This comprises:

  • The results of consulting parents/carers and pupils on their views of the strengths and weaknesses of arrangements that have been made for them.
  • A synopsis of the qualifications and accreditation’s achieved by pupils, both independently and collectively.
  • A quantitative and qualitative analysis of any complaints made.