Quality Assurance at TCES Group

Quality work with young people depends on creating an ethos and philosophy which have, at heart, a belief in and commitment to their well-being and potential, and their absolute right to remain free from harm.  We use internal and external quality assurance methods to verify that the standards within our schools, school outreach and London education services are the highest possible at all times. This ensures a culture of responsibility, accountability and expectation is created and maintained throughout the organisation and every member of staff.

Maintaining and improving standards is principally driven by our School Improvement Team, consisting of the Strategic Relationship Manager, Head of Clinical Services, Education Consultant (always a current Ofsted Inspector), Head of ASC services and the Education PA.

The Education Consultant also carries out audits, provides support and runs an annual two-day inspection of every school and service according to current Ofsted and DfE standards. The schools then provide an action plan on any areas for development following on from these trial inspections.

The principle of ‘working together’ is paramount to our ability to provide excellent services including ‘good outcomes’ for our young people as service users as well as ‘best value’ for our Local Authority customers. At TCES Group, we are further accountable to different individuals and organisations for the support packages that we provide, and we must always ensure that we have clear evidence of the work for which we are responsible.

Our principle external quality management system is through our Ofsted reports, and we conform with the ISO 9001 standards which are verified by a third party assessor.

As a local authority service provider, we undergo annual monitoring inspections. This is a comprehensive full day inspection of each of our schools by a senior Monitoring Officer. It covers: school information, external and internal inspection information, insurance and staff information (this includes staffing levels, vacancies, appointment procedure, staff file spot checks, agency staff, staff training, and staff management).