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TCES Group schools celebrate GCSE successes

Deputy Head Teacher Dale Brown described yesterday’s GCSE results day at North West London Independent School (NWLIS) as an “emotional day for pupils and staff” as pupils arrived to collect their results. Head Teacher Katrina Medley, Art Teacher Paul Morris and School Business Coordinator Saima Nisco were also present at the school, where they offered their congratulations to the Y11 pupils collecting their GCSE results.

Once again, Paul Morris’ Art Department achieved a 100% pass rate with some excellent grades in art awarded to NWLIS’ accomplished pupils Aaron A and Kayne achieved a fantastic grade 6 (the new equivalent of a B grade), grade 5 (BC equivalent) was awarded to Todd, Aaron O, Hussein and Tariq and Nick received a grade 4 (C grade).

Leading the way in NWLIS’ GCSE successes was pupil Myles who gained a phenomenal grade 6 in English, Hussein who achieved a grade 4 in PE and 5 in art and Nick who scored three grade 4’s in maths, PE and art.

Commented Dale Brown, “It was an emotional day at NWLIS for the pupils and the staff. It is the beginning of their journey onto the next step towards further education or employment.”

Over at Essex Fresh Start School,  two pupils achieved a grade 4 in English and maths and twenty-four pupils gained at least one entry -level award. Eight pupils achieved at least one BTEC award at level 1 or level 2.

TCES Group CEO & Schools’ Proprietor Thomas Keaney remarked, “Many of our SEND pupils and children in care passed their GCSEs and received excellent grades. Consider their starting places and that previous schools had given up on them, they are true heroes.”