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2 November – Sewing up the wounds of exclusion; the trouble with Jane

Today we received the news that one of our Care Experienced Children Jane (not her real name) is being moved out of our Independent Special Day school by the placing Local Authority Special Needs Department.  This young lady has been with us for the past three years during which time she has moved Foster Carers 12 times. Each time that she moves Foster Carer it is because they cannot cope with her behaviour. Each time she pushes them away successfully she succeeds in reaffirming for herself that adults are not to be trusted and that any implicit or indeed occasional explicit promises of care and love that her Carers have given her are false promises.  Read the full article  here 

10 October –  Chance!

Every child born with a scream 

Dragged from a beautiful dream

Their comforting world forsaken

The maternal bond now shaken

Brought into cold and harsh light

All equal with this human plight Read the full poem here    

11 September – Social exclusion repeated through school exclusion

At TCES Group we are entering into our 20th year of educating children and young people with special educational needs; SEMH and ASC pupils with co-morbid conditions. These pupils come to us after a lifetime of multiple marginalisation and social exclusion… read the full article here

31 August – My top-ten tips for supporting our pupils’ return in September to TCES Group Schools’/Create Service:

1. Re-read the pupil’s file and remind yourself of their strengths and needs…read the full article 31 August here

17 August – This is a very big day in the milestone of TCES Group. It is our first announced A* A Level (Art) at Create Service.

That this young lady is also our first ever A* as a care-experienced young person (a young person who is in Public Care) is an even bigger accolade to her and to the team around her…read the full article 17 August here

15 August – School exclusion discriminates against children with disabilities 

As the CEO of TCES Group which is a social enterprise and one of the largest independent Special
School providers to children and young people with SEND in London, I am delighted with the ruling. Read the full article 15 August here