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03 Oct 2019

National Poetry Day

Here are a couple of @Nationalpoetryday entries from our staff.  Awaiting more from pupils.

The first is from a new member of staff:

I write this on my second day,
I only joined here yesterday,
I know I will enjoy my stay,
Cos this is my dream job, hooray.
Schools that never have excluded!
What a message that’s exuded,
So the thought that I concluded –
Let me join! I’m now included!
20 years, a new staff member,
Can some of you still remember,
1999 November?
With just one child, one staff member?
Welcome is how I’ve been made,
Not seen the schools yet I’m afraid,
London and Essex not yet strayed
My starting date not too delayed.
When told I’d got the job, said “Yes”
I whooped and cheered I must confess,
But there’s one thing we all should guess,
What’s it stand for TCES?

The second covers our group specialism of Leadership:


All the greats led
By example in what they did and said
All the greats led
Because they believed in speaking out
All the greats led
Taking different approaches, different routes

All the greats led
And though some are now dead
A rich heritage and legacy lives on
It was Eisenhower who said
You don’t lead by hitting people over the head
And they didn’t
Maya, Malcolm and Mohammed
They motivated, they challenged and inspired instead
They were like so many other greats who led
Simply by speaking, standing and sitting.

As a continuation of their legacy
Some leaders are still leading by example
With excellence and integrity
Dreaming, speaking even kneeling
Leaders like Kaepernick, outspoken like Lupita and Akala.

20/10/17( revised 1/10/19) ©️Roxy Brown