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11 May 2020

Distance Learning News – Summer Term, Week 4

We love this ‘Celebration poster’ initiative from Create Service. Luciana from Create tells us that they’re planning to make a new poster each week with different students’ work as a way to praise both the individual’s hard work and that of the staff who are supporting them.

The front of Essex Fresh Start Independent School is looking very colourful after being decorated by a Y4 pupil, in celebration of Key Workers and the NHS!

Tre, a North West London Independent School pupil has been working hard on his entry for the Creative Arts competition, and has taken an interest in indoor gardening as well:

Since September, a group of East London Independent School pupils have been working with Mark from Api:Cultural to develop the school vegetable garden and transform a under-used strip of land into a wildlife garden.

Additional vegetable growing beds, a green house and vertically planters build by students from recycled materials have been installed. In the wildlife garden students have constructed a bug hotel, mini east habitats, planted bee and butterfly attracting flowers and created 2 stag beetle loggeries. They’ve also created a container sensory garden full of aromatic herbs and plants with textured leaves to stimulate pupils senses.

Indoors, students have also been rearing tadpoles and caterpillars as part of natural science and biology lessons. When mature, students will release their butterflies into the school garden to boost local populations. 

Pupils attending school during the lockdown have begun growing sunflowers from seed as part of the national #sunflowerhappy challenge encouraging children to grow sunflowers. Prizes are planned for the child who grows the tallest plant and may be featured on a Blue Peter. The campaign has been created by the Landscape Institute and Royal Horticultural Society.

East London Independent School have also started sharing a ‘Word of the week’, as well as a wellbeing tip and a quote of the week, for all staff and pupils. We’re a big fan of the message:

We’re delighted to see that a particular furry friend of Harry, an East London Independent School pupil, has been benefiting from his home projects!

We’ve also heard that Harry has been learning to sew to help his mum make extra scrubs for the NHS! He even managed to fashion himself an ice-lolly holder as we enter the summer season…