Transforming the lives of high risk complex pupils through therapeutic education, assessment and monitoring

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From isolation to independence

TCES Group’s Create Service is a therapeutic education programme that runs parallel to our independent day schools. It is designed to meet the needs of the most high risk, complex and vulnerable pupils in KS 2-5 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs or an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). These are pupils who are not yet ready to engage with and succeed in formal small group learning environments.

Through our Journey of Change model, we identify each pupil’s starting point and work with them, their families/carers and their professional network. We build and deliver a bespoke package of inclusive education and therapy. We have a significant focus on leadership and independence skills and social/group skills practice, which is based on each pupil’s strengths, talents and interests. This will help them to develop confidence and be able to integrate more successfully into education and society.

The objectives of the Create Service are to:

  • Improve educational and wellbeing outcomes for children with the most complex needs.
  • Provide a local alternative to out of area placements.
  • Deliver local support and liaison by multidisciplinary professionals (clinical, therapists, social workers and specialist educators).
  • Stabilise and integrate pupils back into small group learning.


By understanding and removing the barriers that are stopping pupils from achieving their potential we are able to work towards the following outcomes:

  • Improved attendance; reduced exclusions and absence
  • Empowering our pupils to make links between thinking, feeling and behaviour and to develop positive coping strategies
  • Effective strategies to support relationships
  • Development of leadership and life skills
  • Attainment of qualifications
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Development of social skills and independence

‘Step down’ programmes

Using our case coordination model we first identify the full extent and complexity of each pupil’s barriers to learning. Once their needs have been determined, a highly differentiated and personalised education programme is developed.

Our understanding of, and response to, the complexity of the pupil’s needs will determine where the educational programme will take place. For some pupils it may be necessary to begin work in their home, until such time as they feel secure and have built a relationship of trust with their designated tutor(s). The pupil’s individualised programme will build in possibilities for work in safe community spaces and/or our Therapeutic Education Centres and as part of their integration plan, the majority will attend a TCES Group school.

Each pupil will follow a one year or two year programme before becoming independent and ready for integration into a TCES Group school classroom setting. We call this our ‘step down’ programme.

TCES Group 5 part curriculum

Our 5 part Curriculum offer across the areas of Academic, Clinical/Therapeutic, Engagement, Enrichment and SEMH/ASC Specific means that our pupils have the opportunity to learn, develop and excel in every area of their life.

Team around the child

Our team ensures that the pupil, their family and their professional network are working together to bring about positive change and ensure that each pupil can reach their full potential.

We understand that the most important tool that we have, in order to work effectively with our pupils, is our multi-disciplinary staff team. Through our recruitment, induction and training programmes we invest in our staff, ensuring that they are equipped to understand the needs of each pupil and to provide the highest level of education and care.

Create stands for:

  • Community
  • Relationships,
  • Empowerment,
  • Assessment &
  • Therapeutic
  • Education

Regular feedback

We ensure that we provide regular feedback to our placing Local Authorities and to our families so that any difficulties can be anticipated and solutions found as early as possible.

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