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14 May 2020

Judges announced for TCES Group Creative Arts Competition

TCES Group’s cross-company Creative Arts competition is picking up speed, with pupils and parents/carers from all schools and services starting to put together their entries.

Excitingly, TCES Group has managed to assemble a panel of amazing celebrity judges, including (below, left to right) Patron and Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen DBE, BBC Stricly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman, singer and actress Elaine Paige, actor Colin Salmon and artist Fiona Hawthorne. 

Open to all pupils and parents until Thursday 4 June, all the entries will be displayed in a Virtual Art Exhibition, similar to the North West London Independent School gallery on our website. 

The competition aims to get families engaged in the creative arts together and developing their artistic talents while the UK is in lockdown, thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Pupils and parents/carers can pick from essentially any creative topic, including Photography, Digital Art, Game Design, Singing, Dance, Poetry and more. Prizes will be on offer within each category. Find more information in the flyer, here. Further announcements are to come, so watch this space.

01 Jul 2020

Essex Fresh Start pupil Liam says ‘Goodbye’

As the last term of the academic year draws to a close, Essex Fresh Start Independent School pupil Liam – who is leaving the school after completing his final year – has penned the following letter to his teachers and other TCES Group staff:

When I first started EFS…
I had been to nine other schools before this one but this school was different to the others because they accepted me for who I was. I didn’t suddenly become the model student, far from it! In the past three and a half years I have become someone who I am now proud of. I have achieved nationally recognised qualifications and through other people believing in me and my abilities I have also learned to be more confident in myself. I feel I am more ready to move forward to college. It’s strange to think that as I leave Essex Fresh Start, the school will be closing and all of the staff will be leaving at the same time as me. I feel, pupils and staff alike, have been on this journey together and we have all reached our destination and I think we will miss each other a great deal. A positive atmosphere and community spirit constantly sang throughout the school. Our success was because of these things and I feel sorry for all of the children who should’ve been coming here in the future. They will never know what they have missed.


The staff I will miss…
I will miss most of the staff. But there are a few that I will miss a bit more than others.

I will miss Francisco also known as ‘Old Granddad’ because he always wore shoes that looked like something my grandad would wear. He hasn’t worn them much since I gave him his new name! I will miss him but I won’t miss his science lessons!

I will miss ‘Not so Super Sue’ but I won’t miss her singing! and other things as well!! I do wish I had her as my teacher from the start because since she has been my teacher, I have got an amazing education. If I didn’t have Sue, I don’t know what kind of education I would’ve got!

I will miss Ann cause I won’t get her amazing food which is the best school food I have ever had.

I will miss Lisa also known as T Rex because she always hiccups like a T Rex. She is always laughing… and she has such an annoying laugh! I always hide her water bottle which is fun… well for me of course maybe not for her! She always helps me with my work. She always makes me laugh and has always believed in me. She gave me confidence. She did one of her T Rex hiccups when I was doing cooking and scared the hell out of me! We laughed for ages about this!

I remember a time in Aldi when I was with Lisa and Sue. We’d been doing place value and money in maths and Sue asked me where the decimal point goes on a price. Unfortunately, this was about the hundredth time so I told her right where the Sun don’t shine! At which point both Sue and Lisa fell about laughing so badly we all had to leave the shop.

I will miss Sadie, also known as ‘John’ because I will always remember the time when I first started Essex Fresh Start and absconded from school I was charging up the A133 determined to get home back to Ipswich before dinner when a long came Sadie in her Batmobile and drew up alongside me and told me to get in the car now! She brought me back to school, and there was ‘Not so Super Sue’ standing at the front gate, arms folded and a cross look on her face but also with a look of relief when I got out of Sadie’s Batmobile. It’s funny looking back on that, but I realise now how frightening it was for everyone else it just goes to show how hard everyone works in our school community.

My main man Jim, also known as the PE Guru, also known as ‘God’ of football! And ‘God’ of the” guess what!!” Jims whole philosophy is based on “guess what”;

“Guess what…if you do this then that will happen and guess what? … If you do that then that will happen… and guess what? Think about your next move or I will tell you all about yourself!!”

What can I say about Amy also known as ‘John’. We cooked some amazing dishes together. I will never forget the homemade fudge and nor will my family. Or the Caribbean chicken, which my family will also never forget. She helped me with my work and was always on my side. She put up with me and my silly ways and I put up with hers. I will miss her greatly.

I want to talk about what I have learnt…
I have learnt that I can sit in a classroom and learn along with everyone else. I have learnt that I am not that bad at maths after all! I have learnt to form solid relationships with class peers. I have learnt so much that I now help others. I have learnt that I am not that bad after all and people like me, and like having me around mainly Sue because she always needs help when she gets bullied!! I have learnt that I can lead a successful life along with the best of them… Just try and stop me!

I am looking forward to college and beginning the next part off my journey where I will meet new friends and more staff to annoy.

What I will miss…
I will miss having a good relationship with the staff

I will miss every time Lisa has an apple and after 5 minutes she will say sorry just had an Apple cause she always burps and sounds like a T Rex.

I will miss all the sayings we had such as “Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin”. We had the whole class singing it in the end. One of our other sayings was “I’m joking, choking? don’t choke!” Plus I will also miss taking Lisa’s bottle.

I will miss beating Francisco at FIFA every time. I know why he always loses, it’s because of the team he plays with which is Arsenal… he picks a bad team.

I will miss every time Sue goes out of the classroom and I lock her out. When she comes back she always walks into the door, which is funny… well maybe for us but maybe not so funny for ‘Not so Super Sue’.

I will also miss taking Sue’s keys and her cup. I’ll miss the jokes we had and I will definitely miss making her laugh every single day (I will definitely not miss her singing or her karate moves!). I will always remember that I will always be Sue’s favourite student she has ever had!

Year 11
Essex Fresh Start

05 Jun 2020

Distance Learning News – Summer Term, Week 6

We’re now bringing you a ‘micro-bulletin’ of snippets of good news from around our schools and services, and some are also putting their own together! Click any of the below to read or download.

Create Service

East London Independent School

Also, the staff at Essex Fresh Start would like to say a huge ‘Thank You!’ to their amazing chef Ann, who prepared the meals for the pupils and staff on school over the half term week! Head of School Elainor Lloyd said “It made life simple for us all!”

19 May 2020

Distance Learning News – Summer Term, Week 5

Create Service have sent over another ‘celebration poster’ – looks like their students have been busy!

East London Independent School pupil George has managed to master the opening of ‘Ode to Joy’ while in lockdown! This is huge progress for George as he was initially hesitant to try. After encouragement from his peers and staff, he’s finally managed it. Check out that winning smile at the end!


East London Independent School pupil KT has been able to keep on top of his Maths lessons quite easily, as his Dad is a Maths Teacher! 

Pupil Johnny is using his time away from North West London Independent School to brush up on his Art skills…

11 May 2020

Distance Learning News – Summer Term, Week 4

We love this ‘Celebration poster’ initiative from Create Service. Luciana from Create tells us that they’re planning to make a new poster each week with different students’ work as a way to praise both the individual’s hard work and that of the staff who are supporting them.

The front of Essex Fresh Start Independent School is looking very colourful after being decorated by a Y4 pupil, in celebration of Key Workers and the NHS!

Tre, a North West London Independent School pupil has been working hard on his entry for the Creative Arts competition, and has taken an interest in indoor gardening as well:

Since September, a group of East London Independent School pupils have been working with Mark from Api:Cultural to develop the school vegetable garden and transform a under-used strip of land into a wildlife garden.

Additional vegetable growing beds, a green house and vertically planters build by students from recycled materials have been installed. In the wildlife garden students have constructed a bug hotel, mini east habitats, planted bee and butterfly attracting flowers and created 2 stag beetle loggeries. They’ve also created a container sensory garden full of aromatic herbs and plants with textured leaves to stimulate pupils senses.

Indoors, students have also been rearing tadpoles and caterpillars as part of natural science and biology lessons. When mature, students will release their butterflies into the school garden to boost local populations. 

Pupils attending school during the lockdown have begun growing sunflowers from seed as part of the national #sunflowerhappy challenge encouraging children to grow sunflowers. Prizes are planned for the child who grows the tallest plant and may be featured on a Blue Peter. The campaign has been created by the Landscape Institute and Royal Horticultural Society.

East London Independent School have also started sharing a ‘Word of the week’, as well as a wellbeing tip and a quote of the week, for all staff and pupils. We’re a big fan of the message:

We’re delighted to see that a particular furry friend of Harry, an East London Independent School pupil, has been benefiting from his home projects!

We’ve also heard that Harry has been learning to sew to help his mum make extra scrubs for the NHS! He even managed to fashion himself an ice-lolly holder as we enter the summer season…

04 May 2020

Distance Learning News – Summer Term, Week 3

We love this celebration poster from Miss Vidal at Create Service

Martynas, a North West London Independent School pupil, is clearly enjoying helping his Mum with projects outside of his Distance Learning work! 

Kal-El, a pupil at East London Independent School has been working hard on his Distance Learning projects:

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