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09 Nov 2016

Black History Month inspires East London Independent School’s poets

Pupils over at East London Independent School have written a collection of poems inspired by last month’s Black History Month.
All poems were read out at the school assembly to great acclaim, with the upper school mentors on-hand to effuse much-deserved praise and applause to their authors.

It makes me think of my friend,
Because he’s singing about his friend.
And my friend died too.
It gets you thinking – doesn’t it?
Grime talks about the real things.
Grime talks about the true things.
The things they sing about are the things I do.
He says you can’t believe it’s happening…
I can’t believe it too.

Funk makes you pump.
It’s not stupid.
It’s not bad.
It’s not sad.

Michael Jackson
He could dance.
Outstanding singer.
His beat makes you move.
He says, “You rock my world!”
He makes you want to dance.
Lyrics that are so good.
Makes you so excited.

Grime is funky.
Grime makes you feel.
Grime is funny.
Grime is sad.
Have a seat,
Have a beat,
Have a listen.
Grime is fun.
Grime is made.
Grime is happy and wild.

Jazz is funky, weird and crazy.
Makes you happy all day long.
Relaxing, wild exciting.
Makes you want to dance to its good beat.
Mysterious and frightening.
Makes you want to bounce.

Rap is happy.
Rap is sad.
Rap has a good beat,
So take a seat and listen.
It’s funky and exciting.
It’s fantastic with good lyrics.
It can be crazy.
It can be creepy.
It can be relaxing.
It makes you want to jump.
So put your thinking cap on and…
Listen to rap!!