TCES Group staff development philosophy


Our Induction and Ongoing Training Programme will offer Continual Professional Development (CPD) and training as a priority for all staff, including those who are required to undertake specific post registration development. This will play an important part in supporting staff within their roles in TCES Group schools but will also take account of their aspirations for their future and for progression within the organisation.

The Core Learning and Development Framework is meant to ensure that all staff in TCES Group schools have access to learning and development opportunities to help them reach a level of skill, knowledge and understanding where they learn:

• The aims, objectives, ethos and values of the organisation and what is expected of them
• That evidence based, theoretical approaches inform our practice, ensuring that the interventions we provide are relevant, meaningful and  effective in improving outcomes for pupils:
o Therapeutic and Social Pedagogy Model
o The Team Around the Child
o The Theories of Attachment and Nurture
o That behaviour is communication
o Excellence in Safeguarding
• The importance of educational attainment and achievement, (often on a bespoke and highly individualised basis) for the group of pupils we work with, who have often been excluded from education or had constantly disrupted learning experiences. The acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills, (the essential building blocks for lifelong learning) serve as a launch pad for enrichment or engagement in the broader curriculum
• The daily life and educational experiences of our pupils are important therapeutic opportunities to help them grow in the understanding of their behaviour in the context of their past and present experiences and help build future life skills
• That our pupils, in experiencing all that mainstream education offered them, often need to learn how to see themselves as successful learners again and they need dedicated, creative, solution-focused, inspiring, well-informed teaching teams who take responsibility for their own learning and development.

To deliver this philosophy we will provide a Gold Standard of training in the following five areas for all staff in 2016/17:
1) Therapeutic training on Attachment, Child Development and therapeutic communication
2) Whole School Nurture
3) Restorative Justice
4) ELKLAN training
5) MAPA Behaviour Support training
The training will be delivered through both our new partnership with the Mulberry Bush School (an Outstanding Residential Care and Education therapeutic community) as well as through the Nurture Group Network and our clinical teams. Each staff member’s Personal Development Plan will be continually reviewed through supervision and within their Annual Performance Review.

Additional support and expertise

 Support to new staff through induction, provided by Cross-Company Induction Champions who will positively inspire new colleagues in areas of:
• Head Teacher mentoring and support
• Pupil Admission Process
• Assessment
• Pupil Voice including Group Process, Student Council, Specialist Assemblies, Key Work/Relationship Mentoring
• British Values
• Enrichment
• Parent Voice
 Support to existing staff teams through the provision of Cross-Company Subject Leadership in Core and Foundation subjects.
 Behaviour Support Leads will become culture carriers of our therapeutic and communication skills ethos. Behaviour Support Leads in every school and service will be trained in mediation and conflict resolution, therapeutic communication and counselling skills.
These key members of our staff team will take on the theory and policy of TCES Group’s approach to understanding behaviour as a communication and will work within the collaborative climate of our staff teams to identify and resolve conflict and communication. Behaviour Support Leads will undertake qualitative and quantitative action research to highlight and address positive communication and to remove barriers to attendance and achievement that prevent our pupils realising their full potential.
 Required processes, systems and related information will be communicated via TCES Group’s Operations and Information Manual, which will be available in hard copy to all staff at the beginning of this new academic year.