Five-Part Curriculum

Throughout the TCES Group of Schools and Create Service, we offer a five-part curriculum compiled of Academic, Therapeutic, Enhanced, Engagement and ASC/SEMH-specific elements.  Through this combination, we deliver highly-personalised learning programmes which meet the specific needs of each pupil.

Our curriculum has been developed and implemented in line with three strategic statements:  the Independent School Standards; Every Child Matters; and Removing Barriers to Achievement – The Government’s Strategy for SEN.

Five part curriculum ASC SEMH

Academic Including Vocational Curriculum
We have very high expectations of our pupils and as such our schools and Create Service offer a wide range of nationally accredited courses including GCSEs, Entry Levels, and Functional Skills in Literacy and Numeracy. AQA awards, ASDAN/COPE, City and Guilds, Princes Trust, Duke of Edinburgh, Food Hygiene, Food Studies and First Aid.
Therapeutic Curriculum
We underpin our academic offer with a wide range of therapeutic interventions including speech and language therapy, drama therapy, art therapy, nurture groups, counselling for pupils, and an experience of music. Our therapeutic provision is managed, supported, and quality assured by our internal social work and mental health senior managers.
Enhanced Curriculum
Our pupils benefit from participating in a variety of activities designed to enrich and enhance the school and Create Service experience. Our enhanced Curriculum is intrinsically linked to elements of social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) education as well as Community Cohesion, Britishness, Public institutions and Every Child Matters. The added element of our enhanced curriculum is the schools and Create Service aim to nurture the often hidden talents of each pupil. The enhanced curriculum responds to the interests and aspirations expressed by our pupils and includes charitable endeavours and community-based service.
Engagement Curriculum
Although a significant percentage of our referred pupils join our schools and Create Service directly after a short internal induction, some of our pupils may require individualised support to enable them to flourish in full time education. This engagement support is delivered through our school teams internally.
ASC/SEMH Specific
By addressing individual needs in relation to a pupil having an ASC or a SEMH issue, we create learning environments and take informed approaches to ensure the development of each pupil’s capacity to learn. Although we offer core subjects within each of our services, we also are able to adapt our curriculum to cater to the needs and interests of our pupils to ensure they are engaged and excited to learn.