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31 Mar 2020

Distance Learning News – Week 1

Friday 3 April

Essex Fresh Start School Business Manager Elaine Renker sent in the folllowing:

“One parent is really enjoying the experience of working alongside his son. They say you are never too old to learn! One Mum used her initiative and made a maths ping pong game, putting numbers in the cups, whatever one the ball landed in they took turns to add, subtract and times. Same Mum also watched a movie with her son, them made up questions that he had to answer about the movie. Then he put himself in the shoes of a Journalist and created questions for an interview. We are impressed!”

Thursday 2 April

Jeuxtyce, North West London Independent School pupil has settled down to his work well, according to his mum:

Wednesday 1 April

North West London Independent School parent Mel sent in a note to her son Mason’s teacher:

We’ve received another lovely letter from a parent of an East London Independent  School pupil:

Elaine Renker, School Business Manager at Essex Fresh Start has reported that one pupil’s sister has started to help him with his home learning, and that “another student is starting a independent history project on Saxons with his Grandfather after a virtual metal detector experience!”

North West London Independent School pupil Kristian (Y9) has been having fun doing his fitness activities, LEXIA and music lessons!


Tuesday 31st March

We received a lovely letter from a parent of a North West London Independent School pupil today – here’s an extract for you to read: 

We’ve also heard from Roxy, Teacher at East London Independent School, that the tadpole project started by Branson class is still in full effect, despite pupils working from home:

“Even with Corona Life still survives. Meet Branson class’s little friends. 25-30 tadpoles have weathered their first weeks of life in the midst of a pandemic and joined the ELIS Elites! Thanks especially to MI, after taking Marks instructions very well, for helping to place them in their first home and remembering to monitor and turn on and off the filter in their first weeks.”

Monday 30th March

We’re hearing lots of positive news from our schools and services, with most pupils having fully adjusted to Distance Learning much quicker than expected. Some pupils from Essex Fresh Start even started their packs before Distance Learning was in full effect and parents of East London Independent School pupils have been sending in photos (above) of their children completing schoolwork, as well as their wellbeing tasks. We’ve heard from North West London Independent School that pupils are completing their work early, with some even asking for more work, and that a teacher at Create Service has hosted a live-streamed science lesson with an interactive quiz for his pupils.

One North West London Independent  School parent said: “H has received his pack and I am very pleased at his level of work. He has been very calm and relaxed, despite not being able to go out. Thank you for getting the work to us!”

A parent of an East London Independent school pupil also sent in a note:

Staff across all schools and services have been working together, along with the School Support Team, to ensure new resources are added, best practice is shared, and that all pupils are working their hardest on their Distance Learning projects. Everyone has pulled together during this uncertain time in an amazing fashion, ensuring all pupils are still receiving full-time education.

Kevin Parker, School Improvement Partner, said: “The Distance Learning Portal has proved to be successful so far. The portal is growing daily, covering the full TCES Group curriculum, plus we are adding more and more free child-friendly resources for our pupils. Please do keep coming back and checking the portal for new content. An easy ‘How to’ video is available at the bottom of the portal to show pupils how to use it.”

Optimistic staff and pupils still present at Essex Fresh Start created a display, in the hopes that school life will return to normal as quickly as possible:

Thomas Keaney, CEO and Schools’ Proprietor, said: “These really are extraordinary circumstances of upheaval, change and significant stress for all of us, as well as our pupils and their families. Words really can’t express how grateful I am extremely grateful to our TCES Group staff, for rising to the daily challenges and for working extremely hard under enormous pressure to keep our schools and Create Service open in order to continue educating and caring for our pupils. ”