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26 Oct 2018

Watch Create Service London Graduation Ceremony


Staff, pupils and parents gathered at Create Service London on Friday 21 September to celebrate the achievements of pupils in an uplifting Graduation Ceremony at Custom House.

Several pupils are moving across to East London Independent School, affording them the opportunity to transition back into the school environment. Other pupils were recognised for their positive engagement and personal development throughout the academic year.  

Student council representatives proudly showed groups of parents around the site at Custom House before the ceremony commenced in the main hall.

Head Teacher Tony Meehan praised the “dedicated staff”  who “make sure these young people achieve, helping them to self-sufficiency and offering something positive to society.” Mr. Meehan went on to add, “Learning is what gets you moving on in life. At Create Service we aim to capture what learning really is and discover our pupils’ hidden talents.”

08 Oct 2018

North West London Independent School introduces Alumni Peer Mentorship Programme

North West London Independent School have begun an exciting Alumni Peer Mentorship Programme, providing support and guidance to the school’s pupils. This is the first  of its kind in TCES Group’s twenty-year history. Former students Hussein, Laquain and Nick were interviewed by staff members with respect to them joining the school in an entirely new capacity – as members of the staff team.

Alumni Peer Mentors will be participating in the school’s Group Process Sessions, working with tutor groups and facilitating assemblies to assist staff in delivering key messages to pupils.  Above all, the mentors will inspire and encourage leadership and positivity in our younger pupils.

Said TCES Group CEO and Schools’ Proprietor Thomas Keaney, “I’ve interviewed hundreds of staff over the years but never have I interviewed such passionate, talented students who really want to make a difference. Their special needs backgrounds are where their talents come from and all three will be an absolute asset to their mentees. I’m so proud. This is a very exciting milestone that embodies our values: nurture, attachment, very high expectations and a never give up staff attitude.”

More on this story to follow!

08 Oct 2018

Essex Fresh Start Student Council presentations

Newly-elected Student Council members at Essex Fresh Start Schools in Witham and Clacton brilliantly presented their ideas for the forthcoming academic year to the staff Management Development Group (MDG) last Friday. The pupils were also able to ask staff for advice about their projects.

The Clacton Student Council (top photograph) – brilliantly represented by Kavanagh and Harrison, told the audience about the exciting new initiatives that the council are focusing on this year – including further improvements to the outside space, improving the dining hall and a special Halloween day at school. 

Witham student council proudly presenting their Living Landscape Award to the MDG and talking about their achievements to date (middle).