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26 May 2017

East London Independent School, Stratford Marsh begins exciting phase of redevelopment

May 2017, Stratford Marsh embarks on an exciting new phase of redevelopment.

Those of you who have visited Stratford Marsh will be aware of the pre-existing church that stands to the left of the school. Now the exciting  third phase of redevelopment – transforming the church hall into a new part of the school – commences on 30 May.

The first duty for our contractors  is to seal off the building area from the rest of the school, with all existing fencing that can be looked through boarded up. Temporary construction buildings will be built adjacent to the school playground, with the most notable change being the construction of a high wall that will run next to the car park.

Below are photos of the church, taken on Wednesday  24 May, just before building work commences. We’ll be reporting on the transformation from church to school building throughout it’s progression. 

25 May 2017

ELIS, Custom House begin motivational assemblies

Following several weeks in which we have vaunted the success of both the Student Council and Group Process at Stratford Marsh, Custom House has started very successfully to deliver its own Motivational Assemblies, Group Process, Student Council and Staff Reflective Group. This past week Andrew Mohammed delivered an inspiring assembly to some of our pupils and staff in Custom House. It set the right tone for a very special day in which Natasha and Andrew led a very successful Pupil Group Process in which we had some clear leadership and heroism displayed by a number of our CH pupils, with Callum and Maison standing out and a short but positive cameo appearance from Leroy. Themes and requests brought by the pupils were: a pizza ‘bake off’ led by staff and judged by pupils, the introduction of mid-morning healthy snacks, more opportunities for all pupils to be together at Custom House and an agreement around the rules for future pupil group processes. 


19 May 2017

East London Independent School win football tournament for a third year running!

Wednesday, June 19 – TCES Group converge on the pitches at Brentwood Leisure Centre in Essex for the annual inter-schools football tournament.

Teams from Witham and Clacton Essex Fresh Start, East London Independent School, Create London and North West London Independent School all gathered to compete on what began a dark and dreary day. Somewhat miraculously the rain held off which allowed the skills and sportsmanship of our players to shine.

Create London merged with the Witham team, demonstrating an admirable level of respect between the schools and their respective players. 

Above, NWLIS player Tia represented the only female competing in the tournament.

Each team was divided into two, A and B, and arranged according to age. The results are as below:

League 1

Clacton A 1 vs NWLIS A 1
ELIS A 3 vs Clacton A 0
ELIS A 2 vs NWLIS  A 1

League 2

Clacton B 0 vs Witham/Create 2
Clacton B 1 Vs ELIS B 1
NWLIS B 0 Vs Witham/Create 2
Witham/Create 3 v ELIS B 1
Clacton B 4 Vs NWLIS B 3

3/4 place runners up were NWLIS who won on penalties. 

The Final:

Witham /Create vs ELIS proved a tense match as the game ended with a penalty shoot out, with ELIS for the third year winning the coveted trophy.


SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: ……………..Micky Blackwell at NWLIS
PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT…………..Frankie Longhurst at Witham/Create

Many thanks to all who helped organise the event and well done to all pupils who took part. Look out for our team player and staff interviews coming soon!